Drone-Led Search Underway for Missing 3-Year-Old in Two Rivers, Wisconsin

Community and Authorities Rally in Effort to Find Elijah Vue

The small town of Two Rivers in has been thrust into the as local law enforcement, federal agents, and volunteers intensify their efforts to find Elijah Vue, a 3-year-old boy reported missing earlier this week. Elijah's disappearance has sparked a widespread search operation, encompassing air, land, and water resources in a desperate bid to locate the toddler, reports WISN 12 News.

The Disappearance

Elijah was reported missing on Tuesday morning by an adult caretaker, who noticed the boy's absence since 8 a.m. from a home situated near the intersection of 39th Street and Mishicot Road. The urgency of the situation led to the issuance of an Amber Alert by Tuesday afternoon, signaling the critical nature of his disappearance.

A Community Comes Together

The search operation over the weekend saw a significant ramp-up in efforts, with Two Rivers detailing the deployment of boats, dive teams, drones, and K-9 units. These specialized resources were called in to scour the area in and around where Elijah was last seen. The wooded terrain posed a challenging environment for search teams, who diligently worked through the area, supported by ground crews conducting door-to-door inquiries.

The operation was a testament to the community's unity and the dedication of various agencies, including police officers, FBI agents, and a legion of volunteers who came together with a single goal: to find Elijah Vue.

Charges of Child Neglect

Amidst the search, troubling details emerged regarding the circumstances leading up to Elijah's disappearance. Elijah's mother, Katrina Baur, and Jessie Vang, identified as another man involved in the boy's care, have been accused of child neglect. Court proceedings revealed a disturbing pattern of behavior, with Baur reportedly sending Elijah to Vang's home for discipline.

In response to these allegations, Manitowoc County officials have set bail at $15,000 and $20,000 cash for Baur and Vang, respectively. Both are currently held in police custody, facing serious charges with the potential for additional consequences if bail conditions are violated.

A Community Holds Its Breath

As the search continues and the town of Two Rivers waits for any of Elijah's whereabouts, the community remains hopeful yet anxious. The efforts to find the missing toddler reflect a collective determination, with every passing hour adding to the urgency of the situation.

The case also serves as a poignant reminder of the vulnerabilities of the young and the responsibilities of those entrusted with their care. As Baur and Vang prepare for their next court appearance, the primary focus remains on finding Elijah and ensuring his safety.

The disappearance of Elijah Vue has galvanized a community and drawn attention to the critical importance of child safety and welfare. As search efforts press on, the hope for Elijah's safe return remains undiminished, a beacon of community spirit and cooperation in the face of adversity.

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