GepRC Cinebot 25 – The NEW Best Small FPV Drone?

Exploring the Skies with the Latest in Drone Technology: The GepRC Cinebot 25

In the ever-evolving world of , enthusiasts and professionals alike are constantly on the lookout for the next big thing. The GepRC Cinebot 25, a recent addition to the 2 to 3-inch FPV drone category, promises advancements that may set it apart from its predecessors. But does it truly deliver? This video delves into the capabilities, design, and performance of the GepRC Cinebot 25, comparing it with its peers, including the iFlight Defender 25 and Cinelog 25, to help you decide if it's worth the investment.

A Closer Look at the Gap RC Cinebot 25

At first glance, the GepRC Cinebot 25 seems to share many similarities with its counterparts. It features a design focused on durability and performance, equipped with 1505 4300 KV motors and a unique dampening system for the air unit camera, the DJI O3 Air Unit. This setup is further complemented by T-shaped antennas and a sturdy frame that suggests an improvement in build quality over models like the Defender 25.

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For the test flight, the drone was paired with a Hobby Line, Mini Star 850 mAh, 70c 4S battery, setting the stage for an evaluation of its flight dynamics, power efficiency, and overall agility. The goal was to assess not just its cruising ability but also its freestyle flying potential, pushing the drone through various maneuvers to gauge its responsiveness and control.

Performance in the Air

The initial flight focused on cruising, revealing the drone's impressive smoothness and control right out of the box. Despite gloomy weather conditions, the Cabot 25 demonstrated significant power, attributed to its 4S battery, enabling it to effortlessly navigate through tight spaces and dodge obstacles with finesse. However, it's worth noting that the drone's frame, made from potentially crack-prone materials, could pose durability concerns despite its solid appearance.

Transitioning to more freestyle-oriented flying, the GepRC Cinebot 25's limitations became apparent. While capable of executing flips and dives, it exhibited prop wash and lacked the top-end power found in larger 5-inch drones. This suggests its ideal use case might be more aligned with fast cruising and tracking slower-moving subjects rather than high-intensity freestyle action.

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Durability and Design of the GepRC Cinebot 25

A standout feature of the Cabot 25 is its dampening system for the air unit camera, which significantly reduces vibrations, promising smoother footage. The build quality represents a step up from some of its competitors, with a carbon fiber top plate adding to its rigidity and potentially offering greater crash resistance.

Verdict: Should You Buy the GepRC Cinebot 25?

The GepRC Cinebot 25 shines in its cruising capabilities, offering smooth, controlled flights that can capture impressive footage, thanks to the DJI O3 Air Unit. Its robust design and unique dampening system set it apart from earlier models, making it a compelling option for those seeking a drone in the 2 to 3-inch category without the need for an external action camera.

Geprc Cinebot 25 - The New Best Small Fpv Drone? 3

However, for enthusiasts seeking a drone that excels in freestyle flying, the GepRC Cinebot 25 may not meet all expectations due to its prop wash issues and limited top-end power. It excels as a cruiser and a tracker, perfect for capturing the burgeoning spring landscapes or following moderate-speed subjects.

“GepRC offers 2 versions of this quad – one called the Cinebot 25 S (the one I have in the video) which has more powerful motors (1505 4300KV) and another more standard one, the Cinebot25, which has 1404 4600KV motors. Keep that in mind when you're shopping for this quad.”


The GepRC Cinebot 25 stands as a testament to the continuous improvement in drone technology, offering a blend of smooth flying experience, durability, and quality design. Whether it's the right drone for you depends on your specific needs and flying style. For those in search of a reliable, small-scale drone for capturing high-quality footage without the bulk of an action camera, the GepRC Cinebot 25 is certainly worth considering.

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