Game-Changer for Romanian Drones: Carfil SA Teams Up with Periscope Aviation

Big Moves in the Drone World

Romania's defense industry just hit a major milestone. On May 24, the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Tourism, along with Carfil SA, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Periscope Aviation, a big name in American military and civilian drones. This landmark deal was inked during the Black Sea Defense and Aerospace (BSDA) 2024 event, with US Ambassador Kathleen Kavalec in attendance.

Romania's First Drone Partnership

This agreement is a first for Romania. It marks the country's initial foray into a strategic partnership in the realm of military and civilian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The deal is set to boost Romania's defense industry, which has seen a growing demand for advanced across various sectors, especially defense.

Carfil SA: A Century of Defense Expertise

Carfil SA isn't new to the game. With over 100 years in the production of artillery weapons and ammunition, it's a heavyweight in Romania's defense sector. This partnership with Periscope Aviation, which is the drone division of Chartis Federal, aligns perfectly with Carfil's history of innovation and expertise.

Periscope Aviation: The Innovators

Periscope Aviation is renowned for its cutting-edge tactical UAV systems. Their collaboration with Carfil SA is expected to leverage both companies' strengths, aiming to enhance Romania's national capabilities in drone production and operation, for both military and civilian purposes.

Two Key Protocols Signed

The agreement includes two major protocols:

1. Legislative and Production Development

The first protocol focuses on developing the legislative framework and drone production in Romania. Co-signed by seven entities, it aims to streamline and enhance drone manufacturing. The signatories include:

  • AVI Aircraft
  • EasyDo Digital Technologies (EDT)
  • The Insource Development Group (TID Group)
  • Association Center of Excellence UAS and C-UAS
  • Association “UVS-Romania”

2. Agricultural Drones

The second protocol targets the development of agricultural drones in Romania, aiming for widespread use in farming. This was co-signed by 13 entities, including:

  • AVI Aircraft
  • EDT
  • TID Group
  • Agri Cloud
  • SCDA Turda
  • INCDCSZ Brașov
  • ICDP Brașov
  • Naturevo
  • The Polytechnica University of Bucharest
  • USAMV Cluj-Napoca
  • The University of Craiova
  • The Faculty of Horticulture

Paving the Way for Local Entrepreneurs

Minister Ștefan-Radu Oprea highlighted the need to update the legislative framework to meet market demands. He stressed the importance of a technical and professional dialogue with state institutions to establish financing programs. These programs are crucial to help local entrepreneurs access the financial resources needed to kickstart projects in national drone production.

Ambassador Kavalec's Support

US Ambassador Kathleen Kavalec praised the agreement, hoping it will lead to more successful collaborations. Her support underscores the significance of this partnership in strengthening ties between Romania and the US in the defense sector.

DroneXL's Take

This partnership is a game-changer for Romania. It not only positions the country as a significant player in the global but also opens up new opportunities for innovation and growth in various sectors. The focus on both military and civilian applications, including agriculture, highlights the versatile potential of drone technology. This agreement is a win for all parties involved and a step forward in the evolution of UAV capabilities. As Romania embraces this technology, it could see substantial economic and strategic benefits, setting a precedent for future advancements in drone production and utilization.

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