China’s Futuristic Smart Tank: The Ultimate Drone Killer?

Leaked Images Suggest China's Tank Revolution

's next-generation battle tank is turning heads. Recent images on Chinese social media reveal a hi-tech tank that moves beyond traditional combat to a drone-dominated battlefield, reports the SCMP.

Advanced Defense and Attack Capabilities

The new tank, designed for a two-person crew, is reportedly equipped with a comprehensive active protection system. This system could preemptively detect and neutralize incoming missiles, offering greater protection than older models. The tank's offensive capabilities integrate drones and weapon stations, indicating a shift from tank-on-tank combat to a more sophisticated approach.

Drones vs. Tanks: The Ukraine War Lesson

The war has shown that even cheap drones can destroy heavily armed tanks worth millions. China's tank development suggests that drones can also be used for protection, ensuring tanks remain crucial in modern warfare.

A Look at the New Features

  • Unmanned Turret and Weaponry: Military blogger lyman2003 notes that the new tank has an unstaffed turret, a 105mm smoothbore gun, and a stealth gun barrel, with potential upgrades to electrothermal-chemical technology.
  • Anti-Aircraft and Electronic Warfare: The tank is expected to have anti-aircraft weaponry and an active electronic warfare system with X-band radars to disrupt drone flights.
  • Autonomous Capabilities: Mobility is enhanced by a six-pair track system and potential autonomous driving with laser radar. The exterior is currently unpainted, showing a grey upper body and yellow lower half.

China's Leap in Tank Technology

In 2019, a promotional video highlighted China's progress in two-person tank technology. By 2022, experts at a Beijing forum confirmed the significant leap in defensive capabilities, claiming the tank's survivability is improved by 2.7 times due to advanced disruption and interception technologies.

Embracing High-Tech Warfare

Financial blogger Gao Tian suggests that future tank wars may evolve into systematic wars supported by high technology. China's fourth-generation main battle tank is poised to embrace system-oriented warfare, featuring active interference, active interception, and multidimensional protective measures.

DroneXL's Take

China's new tank signals a major shift in military strategy. By incorporating drone and anti-drone technologies, China aims to maintain the relevance of tanks in modern warfare. This development underscores the growing importance of drones on the battlefield, not just as offensive tools but also as critical components of defense systems. The integration of high-tech capabilities into traditional military hardware reflects the future of warfare, where information and technology play pivotal roles.

Photo courtesy of Weibo / @飞扬军事铁背心

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