DJI Avata 2 Firmware Update: 4K 100 fps

What is up, guys? In today's video, we'll discuss the latest for the 2, which brings some long-awaited features and improvements that hopefully you guys will appreciate. Let's get right into it.

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Compatibility Updates

The first and probably most important part of this new firmware update is the fact that the Avata 2 can now be used with pretty much all the DJI devices that you see here and even more. The Avata 2 now works with the DJI Remote Controller 2, the Goggles 2, and the RC Motion 2. So, the previous iterations from the Avata 1 can now be used with the brand new Avata 2. If you have those and you want to upgrade to the Avata 2, you don't have to get the whole set of products—you don't have to buy the new goggles, the new remote controller, or the new RC Motion Controller 3. You can just buy the drone itself and bind it to your Goggles 2, the RC Motion Controller 2, or the FPV Remote Controller 2 and use it straight away.

Dji Avata 2 Firmware Update: 4K 100 Fps 2

Even features such as Easy Acro, which have been introduced with the RC Motion Controller 3, will now be available to use with the previous version of this controller, the RC Motion Controller 2.

That's all for the compatibility updates with the Avata 2. Unfortunately, the Goggles 3 still do not work with O3 Air units, so if you want to use just one set of goggles and fly both the Avata 2 and your custom , you'll need to bring both sets of goggles, which is a bit inconvenient. I'm not really happy to see that from DJI, but at least for now, this is the current situation.

Camera and Recording Enhancements

The next feature in this firmware update for the Avata 2 is the ability to select 4K 100 frames per second as a camera option inside the goggles. You'll be able to record super slow-motion footage from the camera of the Avata 2. Previously, the highest frame rate was 4K 60; now, we have 4K at 100 frames per second, which gives you even more frame rate and more chances to slow down your footage and create epic shots with this drone.

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D-Log M Improvements

Something else especially important if you are shooting in D-Log M, which you should use on the Avata 2 to retain the maximum information available from this camera and color grade later in post-production: when flying with the Avata 2, you'll notice that the flat image when shooting in D-Log M inside the goggles is not really flat anymore. When you enable D-Log M inside the goggles, you will now see the colored version of the footage.

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The camera will still record in D-Log M, and you will end up with a flat color profile on your SD card, but inside the goggles, the image will not be flat, helping you see better when you're flying. This is a great feature because sometimes, especially with very flat color profiles like D-Log M, everything looks alike, and even a small branch could make a big difference.

LightCut App Integration

The final feature in this new Avata 2 firmware update is about the LightCut app that DJI supports. This app helps you edit your footage on the fly. It is available for Android and iOS devices, allowing you to quickly connect to the Avata 2 wirelessly without using any cables. You can use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect to the Avata 2, access all of your footage, and then edit it. The app offers AI-assisted editing and features such as Sky VFX, which overlays video game elements or motion graphics on top of your footage, making it more interesting. You can also use templates and share the edited footage quickly. Additionally, the app's auto-editing feature uses AI to select the most important and interesting scenes, creating a ready-to-share video.

Wrapping up the DJI Avata 2 Firmware Update

That's pretty much it for the firmware update for the Avata 2.

  • We now have 4K 100 frames per second camera settings on the Avata 2, and Gamma Assist to help you see better while flying, especially in D-Log M color profile.
  • The LightCut app also brings new features wirelessly, making it easier to access and edit your footage on the fly.
  • I'm hoping the Goggles 3 will eventually get support for the O3 air units, but until then, this is everything I have for you today.

This is Mike from Drone Supremacy. Thank you so much for watching this video. I'll catch you in the next one very soon. Ciao!

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