Russia’s Anti-Drone Ammo: The Latest Defense Against Recon Drones

Kevlar Net Cartridges: The New Anti-Drone Weapon

has rolled out an innovative anti-drone cartridge featuring a Kevlar net instead of traditional shot. The “Interception” cartridges, still in development, show promising results against regular reconnaissance drones like DJI Mavics.

Russia's Anti-Drone Ammo: The Latest Defense Against Recon Drones 2

Razor-Sharp Threads: How It Works

These cartridges are designed to release a Kevlar mesh that entangles drone propellers, causing them to stop mid-air and crash. Thin carbon fiber threads in the net act like razors, cutting through the propeller blades upon impact.

Russia's Anti-Drone Ammo: The Latest Defense Against Recon Drones 3

Techkrim Factory's New Venture

Produced by Techkrim, a factory in Izhevsk known for hunting gear, these cartridges mark a shift in focus towards military applications. The effective range of these cartridges is up to 300 feet, with an ideal shooting distance around 150 feet.

Real-World Testing: The Twitter Video

A video circulating on Twitter showcases a shotgun bringing down a from 70 to 100 feet. The footage clearly shows the propellers being severed by the Kevlar mesh, illustrating the cartridge's potential effectiveness.

Limitations and Future Development

While these cartridges are effective in controlled tests, their performance against high-speed FPV kamikaze drones remains uncertain. Real combat scenarios, such as evading drones in active conflict zones, present far greater challenges.

DroneXL's Take

The development of Kevlar net cartridges represents a significant advancement in anti-. As the battlefield evolves, so do the methods of defense. These innovations highlight the increasing importance of versatile counter-drone measures. While current results are promising, real-world effectiveness will ultimately determine their value in modern warfare.

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