Drone Ads Set to Soar Over Miami’s Beaches

Sustainable Skylines Brings Eco-Friendly Aerial Advertising to the Skies

In a groundbreaking move, Miami-based Sustainable Skylines is poised to revolutionize aerial advertising along the city's iconic beaches. The company has secured approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to launch its drone-based banner hauling service, offering a quieter, safer, and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional banner planes, reports Axios.

Sustainable Skylines' hybrid-electric drones are set to take to the skies in mid- to late July, flying at an altitude of around 400 feet. While this is slightly lower than the 500 feet at which conventional banner planes operate, founder and CEO Jacob Stonecipher assures that the difference will not disturb beachgoers. In fact, he believes the ads will be more readable from the ground.

Disrupting the Industry with Sustainable Solutions

Stonecipher, a Miami transplant from who previously worked in venture capital research, aims to disrupt the aerial advertising industry by replacing outdated planes with sustainable solutions. Sustainable Skylines' drones take off vertically, eliminating the need for the hazardous techniques employed by the industry to attach banners to aircraft using grappling hooks.

The company's website boasts advanced capabilities, including real-time impression tracking, cellular dataset compilation, and AI processing of drone footage to determine audience size.

Drone Ads Set To Soar Over Miami'S Beaches 2

Operational Details and Expansion Plans

Each drone will be piloted from a mobile command vehicle, with the assistance of two visual observers and a safety officer. The pilot must maintain a visual line of sight to the drone throughout its four-mile loop. The drones, measuring 5.5 feet in diameter and weighing just under 100 pounds, will tow 800-square-foot banner ads.

Sustainable Skylines plans to start with two drones in Miami Beach, with the potential to add more in the future. The company also has its sights set on expanding to Fort Lauderdale and Tampa by the end of the year, with Stonecipher expressing his hope to “scale this across .”

Drone Ads Set To Soar Over Miami'S Beaches 3

DroneXL's Take

The introduction of drone-based aerial advertising by Sustainable Skylines marks a significant step forward for the . By offering a more eco-friendly, quieter, and safer alternative to traditional banner planes, the company is demonstrating the versatility and potential of drones in various commercial applications.

As Miami continues to grow as one of the fastest-growing cities in America, the demand for innovative advertising solutions is likely to increase. Sustainable Skylines' drone-based banner hauling service is well-positioned to meet this demand while minimizing the environmental impact and noise pollution associated with conventional aerial advertising.

The success of Sustainable Skylines in Miami could pave the way for the wider adoption of drone-based advertising across the country, as more companies recognize the benefits of this cutting-edge technology.

Images courtesy of Sustainable Skylines.

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