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This FPV racing drone has no less than 64 propeller blades

This Fpv Racing Drone Has No Less Than 64 Propeller Blades

A video has surfaced on YouTube of a test flight with an FPV racing drone that has no fewer than 64 propeller blades. Two props with eight blades each were mounted on each motor for this purpose. The video was posted without further explanation by one quadmovr. It is therefore not entirely clear how the modification was carried out exactly, but the minimal noise production is striking.

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T-Mobile and DRL will live stream images from race drones via 5G

T-Mobile And Drl Will Live Stream Images From Race Drones Via 5G

Telecom provider T-Mobile partnered with the Drone Racing League with the aim of streaming the live camera image from racing drones via 5G to millions of viewers during the 2021 DRL Allianz World Championship Season. The goal is to underscore what 5G is capable of. T-Mobile also wants to promote the adoption of 5G technology among potential user groups.