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Former Gatwick drone incident suspects: “Police try to cover up failure”

A Couple Who Were Mistakenly Detained Now Suspect The Police Of Covering Up The Gatwick Drone Incident To Protect Their Own Reputation.

At the end of 2018, London Gatwick Airport was closed for several days due to a number of drone sightings. A search was made for both drones and their operators, but no evidence was provided for the drone flights. A couple who were mistakenly detained now suspect the police of covering up the Gatwick drone incident to protect their own reputation.

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The Gatwick drone is our version of the monster of Loch Ness

The Gatwick Drone Is Our Version Of The 'Monster Of Loch Ness'

Yesterday, a lengthy and very well researched article was posted by The Guardian about the mystery of the Gatwick drone. If you have been curious to learn all the details, I would recommend you read it. If however, you’re short on time, the conclusion basically is that the Gatwick drone is our version of the ‘monster of Loch Ness.’ Seen by many, but no evidence to be found.