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Drone'S Attitude Displayed In Future Version Of Dji Fly App - New Version Of Dji Fly App Includes Attitude Indicator

New version of DJI Fly app includes Attitude Indicator

As we reported earlier, a new version of the DJI Fly app arrived. Version 1.2.2 now brings the Attitude Indicator to the app as well as Flight Tips, a customizable button on the remote controller, fixes, and more.

Dji Fly App Updated For The New Mini 2 Drone - Version 1.2.0 - Dji Fly App No Longer Supports Ios 10 - Dji Fly App Update For Android Smartphones

DJI Fly app no longer supports iOS 10

The DJI Fly app will no longer support iOS 10 and below operating systems after the releases of v1.1.10. DJI says that they’re doing this to provide a better software experience, a higher quality, and a more stable platform. The…

Dji Release New Update For Dji Fly App

Update for DJI Fly app – DJI releases version 1.1.5

Yesterday, DJI released a new update for the DJI Fly app. This is version 1.1.5 that has a file size of 268.6 MB. The update includes some small improvements in general and some more useful ones that are exclusively for…