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Parrot Announces Partnership With Airt’s Drones

Parrot announces partnership with AIRT’s Drones

Parrot has announced a new partnership with the Miami, Florida-based Airborne International Response Team (AIRT), the leading 501(c)3 non-profit organization supporting Drones For Good™ and the official home of DRONERESPONDERS, the world’s fastest-growing program supporting the use of UAS by…

Drones Save Lives, Says Former Alabama Emergency Director

Drones save lives, says former Alabama emergency director

The former Alabama emergency director, Eddie Hicks said that drones save lives. The ability of unmanned aircraft to send videos of impacted areas to operation centers and to First Responders will play a larger role in emergency management.

Drone Finds Lost Hiking Family In Florida Nature Reserve

Drone finds lost hiking family in Florida nature reserve

What started out as a leisurely family hike turned scary when the group got lost in a almost 2,000 square mile Florida nature reserve last Sunday. Luckily an operator with a drone found the lost hikers quickly. #dronesforgood