New Tech Enables Dji M300 Rtk Drone To Autonomously Collect Water Samples

DJI M300 RTK customized to autonomously collect water samples

SPH Engineering, a Latvian engineering business, has created a system that enables the entirely autonomous collecting of water samples using a drone. The concept is built around a customized DJI M300 RTK. The Latvian Center for Environment, Geology, and Meteorology…

This Drone, Like A Bird, Can Perch On A Branch.

This drone, like a bird, can perch on a branch.

What is it that a bird can achieve that a drone cannot? Rest on a branch after perching on it. The Stereotyped Nature-Inspired Aerial Grasper (SNAG), an experimental landing gear that allows a quadcopter to land on a branch like…

Korean Air Uses Drone Swarms To Inspect Airplanes

Korean Air uses drone swarms to inspect airplanes

Korean Air is the first airline to use drone swarms to examine airplanes. Drone Technology advancements in recent years have encouraged a growing number of airlines to use unmanned aircraft for aviation safety inspections.

Drone Video Shows That Boston Is Ready For Holiday Season

Drone video shows that Boston is ready for Holiday Season

Check out this short and sweet drone video that shows that Boston is ready for this year’s Holiday Season as the city is decked out with lights and celebrations. This Somerville firm, Above Summit has photographed everything from Copley Square’s menorah…

Incredible Fpv Drone Flight Through Waterslide

Incredible FPV drone flight through waterslide

Over the past year, we’ve witnessed some amazing FPV drone flight videos ranging from a round of a bowling alley to flights past competitive swimmers and guests at a wedding. FPV drone pilot Gustavo Remor adds an impressive fly-through one-taker,…

Dji To Be Added To Investment And Export Blacklists

DJI to be added to investment and export blacklists

The Financial Times reported that Chinese drone maker DJI will be added to the investment and export blacklists this week. In total eight Chinese companies will be added to the list on Thursday by the U.S. Commerce Department.

Spirit Of Altai, Filmed With The Dji Air 2S

Spirit of Altai, filmed with the DJI Air 2S

Our favorite Drone Video maker Vadim Sherbakov has put another beautiful new video online: Spirit of Altai. The Altai is a remote mountain region in Western Siberia. The rugged and very sparsely populated landscape is perfect for drone shots. A…