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French Police Banned From Using Drones To Monitor Demonstrations

French police banned from using drones to monitor demonstrations

France’s highest administrative court, at the urging of privacy activists, has banned the use of drones by police to monitor public protests in Paris, reports the BBC. According to the activists, the use of drones with cameras goes against individual…

Dji Opens New Store In Lyon, France

New DJI store opens in Lyon, France

After the DJI store in Paris, DJI just opened another one in Lyon, France today. People are invited to visit the brand new location on 4 rue du Président Carnot in Lyon. Hat tip to Helicomicro.

Nantes Cathedral Fire Seen Through Firefighter'S Drone

Nantes cathedral fire seen through firefighter’s drone

On Saturday, July 18, 2020, 120 Firefighters of SDIS 44 quickly intervened and put out the fire in the [mks_highlight color=”#ffff00″]Nantes cathedral[ Some of the firefighters’ drone footage was subsequently shared on YouTube.

Meet The Anti-Drone Team Of The French Garde Republicaine

Meet the anti-drone team of the French ‘Garde Republicaine’

Publicly introduced during Summer 2019, the anti-drone team of the French ‘Garde Republicaine’ has generalized a veritable strategy to neutralize air threats above the ‘sensitive sites’. The so-called Protection and Support Section drones (SPAD ) group are now widely communicating…