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Drone video shows what lunch time for dolphins looks like in Tampa, Florida

Drone video shows what lunch time for dolphins looks like in Tampa, Florida

Pretty amazing footage in this drone video, that shows what seems to be lunchtime for the dolphins in Tampa and St. Pete area beaches in Florida. The footage was shared by See Through Canoe on Youtube.

The company said that many dolphins, as well as blacktip sharks, were chasing after the fish.

In the description on YouTube, they say: “The many large schools of fish moving along the beach in the St Pete / Tampa area lately have been being stalked by pods of dolphins as well as blacktip sharks.”



An earlier video may even be spectacular as it shows a spotted eagle ray jumping out of the water.

“This Spotted Eagle Ray Jump was an incredibly hard moment to catch on video. Although I see about 15 jumps every year, I’ve never had the camera on and pointing in the right direction when that magic moment happens. Unlike dolphins, it’s hard to tell when a ray is going to jump and there are very few videos of this awesome sight. They often jump much higher than the one in this video, but I was still psyched to have caught it.”

With drones becoming more capable and affordable, many more people are getting their hands on these unmanned aircraft and as a result, we get to seem more incredible drone footage of various animals in their own habitats. In the past, this kind of footage was very rara.


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