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DJI releases Cyber Workhorse video on Youtube prior to official launch

DJI releases Cyber Workhorse video on Youtube prior to official launch

With more than 12 hours left before the official launch of their new ‘Cyber Workhorse‘, DJI releases a promotion video of their latest product on the official DJI YouTube channel with close to one million subscribers. Shortly after realizing their mistake, the video was made private again.

DJI releases Cyber Workhorse video prior to the official launch

Eventhough, the details and many of the specs are already circulating online, it seems that somebody within DJI pressed the wrong button when uploading a promotion video of the all-new ‘Cyber Workhorse’ to YouTube with over 977,000 subscribers.

DJI releases Cyber Workhorse video on Youtube prior to official launch

The official launch of the DJI ‘Cyber Workhorse’ will not be until tomorrow morning at 8:00 am EST, but most people will already know what to expect.

After realizing their mistake, the Cyber Workhorse promotion video was quickly made private again, but not after I downloaded it… However, I will not be sharing the information with you just yet. You will have to wait until tomorrow. Sorry, guys.

So, set your alarm clock for 8:00 am EST tomorrow morning and learn all about this latest DJI product that promises to take things, yet again, to the next level. Or at least, that’s what the video seemed to suggest.

What do you think the ‘Cyber Workhorse’ from DJI will be? What kind of specs do you expect and where do you see the most value for a product like that? Let us know in the comments below.

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