How do you think the DJI FPV quad will fly?

Later this morning, another photo appeared on Twitter showing the DJI PFV Drone or quad flying right above what seems to be a section of pavement or sidewalk. This photo together with the earlier photos that we have seen, has made people wonder how well the DJI FPV quad will fly?

How do you think the DJI FPV quad will fly?

Let's see if we can learn anything from taking a closer look at the leaked photos. In terms of the design, a few things stand out immediately:

  • The DJI FPV quad is fairly compact and square, pointing to it being an agile drone
  • The drone is designed to lean or angle forward during flight. You can see this by looking at the overall design but also the (auto?) tilting camera is an indication.
  • The arms of the quadcopter are sturdy to absorb impact but they also seem to be designed in a somewhat aerodynamic way to provide additional lift and control during fast-flying exercises.
  • the motors seem to be beefed up compared to other DJI drones of similar size. This makes sense because you will need a lot more power to make all the aerial moves and fly at high-speed.
  • The drone seems to have 5-inch props with three blades each for power, speed, and control.
  • In the photo, you see a cigarette butt which gives us an indication of the size of the DJI FPV quad. Measuring between the front legs you'd get to 10 or 11 inches possible which seems to be about right. Comparing the drone to the DJI FPV Goggles in the box provides some idea as well.

How Do You Think The Dji Fpv Quad Will Fly?

How Do You Think The Dji Fpv Quad Will Fly? 1

Now, the next question would be, what kind of FPV drone do you think DJI would design. A hardcore race quad? A more cinematic FPV drone, or one that is more geared towards beginners. One that makes it easy and safe for people to get into FPV drone flying?

Here are my thoughts, and I'm speculating at this point. First and foremost DJI wants their drones to be safe. So I would expect GPS, Return-to-Home, forward obstacle avoidance (maybe more), the ability to hover in place and fly slowly, precision landing, and geo-fencing to be part of the .

Secondly, I think that DJI would want to bring people into the hobby of flying drones, including , so the DJI FPV quad will be easy to fly. Possibly with a new variation of quick shots where the drone will help you to fly certain maneuvers.

But what about progressing beyond the beginner stage, will the drone still be fun at that point? Yes, I think it would be. Short of being an all-out racer, I believe that DJI will make sure that this drone is fun to fly and will likely have a full manual or sports mode of some kind.

Lastly, I think that DJI will want to focus on bringing their ability to provide range and HD live-streaming footage to the DJI FPV Goggles and to be able to record that footage. OsitaLV indicated 4K at 60fps. If that comes in at a decent bitrate of let's say 100Mbps, the DJI FPV drone might open up a world of cinematic FPV drone footage that up to now not many people were able to capture.

These are my thoughts. DJI has taken their good time before jumping into the FPV market and I believe that they will have done their homework and introduce an FPV drone that we all can get excited about.

Let me know what you think. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the new DJI FPV quad.

Here's that video clip again that is both sped up and slowed down making it hard to give an idea of exactly how agile this drone will be.

Dji Fpv Drone Leaked Photos

How Do You Think The Dji Fpv Quad Will Fly? 2

How Do You Think The Dji Fpv Quad Will Fly? 3

Dji Fpv Drone Bottom

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