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DJI FPV drone 60-page pdf file leaked online

DJI FPV drone 60-page pdf file leaked online

It simply doesn’t stop! Just now, a 60-page pdf file was leaked online, showing us tons of new information about the soon-to-be-released DJI FPV drone! The PDF file is a Chinese sales training manual and we are in the process of translating it and will share the best bits and pieces with you here on DroneXL!

Note: DroneXL welcomes fellow Dutchman, Jasper Ellens as our latest addition to the DroneXL team. You may have seen Jasper’s name pop on Twitter and on Facebook recently as he has been able to discover tons of new information about the DJI FPV drone. We’re very pleased to have Jasper join our team!

DJI FPV drone 60-page pdf file leaked online

Earlier today, we received a copy of a Chinese DJI sales training document. The pdf is aimed at training and information retail staff so that the imminent launch of the DJI FPV drone will be a success.

We are in the process of translating and directing the 60-page pdf file and will share all the interesting bits and pieces with you here on DroneXL.

De retail training’s manual explains how DJI has come to create the DJI FPV drone based on all the previous drone models.

The drone maker goes on to say that:

43% of the people who buy aerial cameras do so because they want to experience the fun of flying.

More users like the feeling of manipulation and want to get the feeling of flying in the air, but regular aerial cameras can’t bring them such a sense of excitement.

And so DJI brings to the market this groundbreaking new product, the DJI FPV drone, which the drone maker views as a mix between a Maybach and a Formula One car.

The DJI FPV drone is promoted as the best-selling flying experience ever created by DJI and the drone is supposed to be pushed to any customer looking for a unique flying experience.

DJI FPV Manual 4

DJI clearly targets different customer groups. The drone maker expects 55% of all new buyers to come from traditional drones, 35% of them to be interested in a unique and new flying experience and 10% existing fpv drone pilots.

DJI FPV drone 60-page pdf file leaked online

As we are in the process of going through this document we will update this post.

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