DJI Mini 3 Pro comes in at an incredibly low weight of just 245 grams

Long-time leaker, DealsDrone was able to confirm the weight of the soon-to-be-released DJI Mini 3 Pro. The new DJI mini drone comes in at an incredibly low weight of just 245 grams.

“This tool is not very accurate, but I weighed it several times and it was less than 250,” DealsDrone said in a tweet.

Of course, we have seen that drone maker DJI prints on the Pro that it is an ultra-light unmanned aircraft. It proudly displays 249g on the belly of the drone. However, it seems that the actual weight is even lower at 245 grams.

This is quite amazing when you consider all the specs and features on the DJI Mini 3 Pro, such as obstacle-avoidance sensors, improved gimbal, camera setup, etc.

Can you legally fly the DJI Mini 3 Pro over people?

Of course, the remaining question is, will the DJI Mini 3 Pro weigh less than 250 grams with propeller guards installed so that it might be flown over people as a category 1 drone?

Well, that seems unlikely. The prop guards will very likely push the weight of the DJI Mini 3 Pro over 250 grams.

As a reference, the outgoing DJI Mini 2 with prop guards installed came in at 293 grams, which puts the drone well over the 250-gram weight limit, according to the Pilot Institute.

However, DJI created a special version for the Japanese market that came with a smaller battery that had half the capacity but only weighed 49 grams. This kept the Japanese version of the below 200 grams.

Now, when you take the Japanese battery and put it in the DJI Mini 2 and then install the prop guards, the mini drone weighs 243 grams and can be flown as a category 1 drone for operations over people.

However, as Greg points out in the video below, those batteries are hard to come by.

So, unless DJI comes up with some very special prop guards and/or a lighter battery, it seems unlikely that the DJI Mini 3 Pro will be a category 1 drone.

Photo courtesy of DealsDrone.

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