DJI responds to allegations of drone maker’s role in Ukraine-Russia war

With a press statement, DJI responds to the allegations of its role in the - war after MediaMarkt decided to ban the sales of all DJI products last weekend.

DJI has released a statement to clarify that its retail partner was compelled to remove all DJI products from its shelves for security reasons following an increase in internet assaults.

DJI responds with a press statement

You can find the entire text of DJI's statement below.

DJI Statement On Recent Allegations

We are aware that on 24 and 25 March social media accounts of our business partners were subject to what appeared to be a coordinated campaign making false allegations against DJI via thousands of spam messages containing the same content. We take this development very seriously.

As a matter of precaution, one of our partners suspended all sales of DJI products while evaluating the situation in close cooperation with DJI.

The allegations made against us are not based on facts and are utterly untrue. Our official response to the current situation was posted on our official Twitter accounts on 13 March, 17 March and 25 March.

DJI promotes civilian drone applications that benefit society. In addition to bringing new tools to aerial photographers and filmmakers, we see more and more , teams, and other public safety agencies around the world using our products to save lives.

We do not support any use of our products that harms people's lives, rights, or interests, as we have always reiterated in our products' Terms of Use and other public statements. We do not provide technical support when military use of our products is identified.

DJI takes compliance issues very seriously. We are committed to act in accordance with sanctions, export controls, and other applicable laws and regulations. We have a dedicated in-house compliance team and experienced US and European external counsel, to ensure our general business practices and transactions are in full compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

Our purpose has always been to give everyone the means to view the world from a different angle. We will continue developing and supporting——with our partners——peaceful and socially responsible applications of our entire product portfolio so that more users can experience the joy of flight.

Drones are playing an important role in the Russian war against Ukraine. Both sides are using unmanned aircraft to their advantage, but especially Ukraine has shown to be really adept in using in their defense against the Russian invasion.

Not surprisingly, the Ukrainian defense forces are using DJI drones as well. The world's largest drone maker has been accused of limiting the use of Aeroscope by the Ukrainians, which the company claims is not true.

Separately, various volunteer groups have raised funds to buy DJI Mini drones and hand-deliver these small unmanned aircraft to the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

Let us know what you think about how DJI responds to these allegations in the comments below.

Dji Responds To Allegations Of Role In Ukraine-Russia War - Dji Accused Of Limiting Use Of Aeroscope For Ukrainian Military. Dronemaker Denies It Vehemently.
system at the launch of the product in , D.C. on October 25th, 2017.
Dji Responds To Allegations Of Drone Maker's Role In Ukraine-Russia War 1

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  1. The irony here is that if DJI could actually shut down drones as some seem to want, we’d be here screaming about “invasion of privacy” and “intrusion of a Chinese owned company”, but if they *can’t* do that, we get people screaming that DJI is helping Russia (while ignoring that Ukrainians are also using DJI drones).

    DJI is a maker of a retail product. While they do have their own website store, the majority of their sales is through partners. DJI has only limited ability to control those resellers.

    As for Aeroscope, again, you don’t have to be online to use it and while Aeroscope is meant for police and government agency use, it’s not that hard to get one “if you know the right reseller”. Again, DJI has limited ability to control this.

    There is literally zero credible evidence that DJI is doing anything wrong here or supporting Russia in any intentional way. Yes, we should be cautious, but we should also avoid witchhunts.

    • DJI has substantial control over each and every drone. While they upgrade software and firmware on demand they can limit where each drone can fly and their policy is to abide by all local laws and regulations. Anyone who wants to fly in a restricted area simply needs to request such clearance from DJI. Following submission of a phone number over the DJI app whereby the drone pilot accepts full responsibility for his actions and indemnifies DJI from any consequences DJI sends a verification number to that phone. At that point the drone can be operated at will but is still subjected to numerous GEO fencing restrictions. This means that DJI is ultimately in control of what each and every drone is capable of. When I first bought a DJI drone there was no limit to how high I could fly and I soon figured a mile was high enough. Now I can’t get past 1650 feet. All this due to DJI control through their software and firmware. Not downloading updates means no fly. All that said I’m sure thee are hackers who can modify the programming but who knows what other restraints DGI is capable off. Do not for one minute believe they aren’t compiling and collecting data and using it to their benefit or that they can’t just shut specific drones down. But i’m equally sure they are restrained by common sense, good business practice and a sense of consequence. All subject to the human aspect (personal) of their operation. Also, who knows how much AI is in control. My conclusion is that if your drone works it is because DJI wants it to.

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