Electronics retailer bans DJI immediately because of ties with Russia

The German MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group bans DJI immediately and halted the sale of DJI products in the MediaMarkt and Saturn stores. This is reported by the German website Inside Digital.

The reason is that DJI continues to supply drones to , despite a recent call by Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov to stop doing so and growing international pressure to isolate Russia from the global market.

Role of DJI in Ukraine

DJI's technology is currently playing a major role in . Not only are the drones used by the Ukrainians to document war crimes and the many destructions, the drones are also useful to monitor enemy positions.

The problem is that the Russians also have DJI drones, and they use them in a similar way against the Ukrainian army. In addition, the Russians make full use of DJI's AeroScope detection system, with which drones can be detected within a radius of tens of kilometers.

Recently, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov called on DJI to cut all ties with Russia.

“In the 21 days of the war, Russian troops have already killed 100 Ukrainian children. They use DJI products to target their missiles. DJI, do you want to be part of these massacres? Block the products that help the Russians kill Ukrainians!” the deputy prime minister wrote in an open letter he posted on Twitter.

In response, DJI stated that the company's drones are not intended for military use, and that DJI does not have the capabilities to disable Russian drones or remote detection systems.

But DJI did not comply with the request to cut all commercial ties with Russia, and the company is still active in Russia. Something that may be a result of the close ties that the Chinese government maintains with Putin's regime.

DJI sales discontinued

The refusal of DJI to no longer supply equipment to Russia has hit the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group the wrong way, according to Inside Digital.

The company has immediately stopped selling DJI products through its stores and online store. If you visit the MediaMarkt website in the Netherlands or Germany, you will indeed no longer find any DJI drones in its range. However, there are still accessories for DJI drones from other brands for sale.

The allegations against DJI are not based on direct military support, such as the delivery of drones to the Russian army. Instead, the sales ban likely refers to the Russian military's use of civilian drones. DJI has always taken the position not to take a political position, but the pressure on the company to take sides is gradually increasing.

Electronics Retailer Bans Dji Because Of Ties With Russia Immediately

Official comments from MediaMarkt and DJI

On Twitter, MediaMarkt explains why the company has removed DJI's products from its range:

Hello Dang, in the last few days, we have received more and more information from various sources that the Russian army is using products and data from the Chinese drone supplier DJI for military activities in Ukraine.

As a responsible company, we have taken immediate action and removed the manufacturer from our product range groupwide until further notice. We will closely examine further indications and developments.

With this step, we as a company send a clear signal for the values that have the highest priority for us and which we see being attacked in an unacceptable way by Russia's aggressive war against Ukraine.

Your MediaMarkt social media team.

Also on Twitter, DJI disclaims all responsibility for the military use of their products:

“The allegations against DJI are completely false. DJI promotes civilian drone applications that benefit society. We do NOT support ANY use that harms people's lives, rights or interests. , rescue teams and other agencies use our products to save lives.”

About DJI and MediaMarktSaturn

DJI is the global market leader in the development and sale of drones for civil and commercial applications. In the , more than 80 percent of drone operators fly with equipment from this brand, according to the most recent reader survey by Dronewatch.

MediaMarktSaturn operates more than 1,000 electronics stores across and is, therefore, an important sales channel for DJI.

This article first appeared on DroneWatch.

DroneXL's take on banning DJI

This is the first time we learn of a large electronics retailer that bans DJI and halts the sales of DJI drones immediately as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Here in the , we have not yet seen a similar reaction from stores such as BestBuy, Adorama, B and H, , , or others.

We will keep an eye out to see if other stores follow MediaMarkts.

What do you think about banning DJI products to try and force the world's largest drone marker to take a stand against Russia? Let us know if this is something you would support in the comments below.

Electronics Retailer Bans Dji Immediately Because Of Ties With Russia 1

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  1. How stupid. Should all gun shops ban guns and ammo used by Russians? Those same Russian soldiers are probably carrying iPhones or Galaxy phones. Maybe their boots are made by Catapilar or their underware by Hanes… If I were DJI, I’d cut this company off for life. Private companies shouldn’t get involved in geo politics…

    Apparently, it’s okay for our companies to pick sides or stay neutral but I guess it’s not okay for Chinese companies to do the same. BTW has BMW, Mercedes or Volkwagon disabled every one of their cars in Russia? Has his private jet been grounded? I see Putin was still driving around in his Rolls…

    I don’t agree with what’s going on but I wonder how we’d react if we got similar treatment when we invaded Afghanistan or Iraq? How about our drone strikes that killed hundreds of civilians while we were taking out terrorists? What happens next time we get our hands dirty? Should DJI ground all of our drones? Is Ukraine okay with their drones being grounded as well or do they expect DJI to pick their side in this conflict? Why? They are using DJI drones to attack and kill Russian forces. China and Russia are allies, would we expect Mexican or Canadian companies to ban us if we did something China didn’t like?

    • One more time!
      @mediamarkt_de Hello. DJI is cooperating with the aggressor country of the Russian Federation. They are leaking GPS data of ZSU positions to them, which is a violation of the rules of war. I beg you, stop selling their products, maybe it will help us. Thanks #boycottDJI

    • You got caught by DJIs misdirection in their answer..

      They were asked to stop selling the drones in Russia so the military would not get more drones. They refused and they are continuing to supply Russia.. they were not asked to disable their drones..

      So yeah this is a legit response to a company supplying a dictatorship with tech to help destroy their neighbor. Claiming it’s civilian while selling it to Russia is a joke..

    • Companies shouldn’t get involved in geo-politics? Really? No scenario where a company should refrain from helping a dictatorship?

  2. DJI is misdirecting the audience in their response to Ukraine. They are being asked to stop selling more drones to Russia so the military won’t get more to use in killing Ukranians.

    They are not being asked to deactive the existing drones as that’s probably not feasible. Also claiming your drones are for civilian use then sending them to a country which is using them to kill Ukranians is a farce.. their

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