Is the DJI Avata the yet-to-be-released DJI FPV Mini?

The latest DJI rumors indicate that the might be the yet-to-be-released drone. The news was leaked by long-time DJI leaker @OsitaLV on Twitter and repeated by @DealsDrone.

Both DJI leakers shared screenshots of an online product database that showed the name DJI Avata.

OsitaLV said on Twitter that:

“The next thing from DJI should be DJI Avata, could be a new series or just a mini FPV drone.”

Is The Dji Avata The Yet-To-Be-Released Dji Fpv Mini?

DJI Avata for aerial photographers

Later he added OsitaLV following information:

“Well, DJI is planning to make a new FPV drone for aerial photographers. So it is a flying thing.”

This last bit of information that OsitaLV provided is a little cryptic in that it sounds that the DJI Avata might not just be a smaller , but instead have more of a photography (and videography?) focus.

Maybe the DJI Avata will be specifically designed to capture action shots, such as these? That could be really interesting. Especially if DJI can combine FPV flying characteristics with longer flight time, better transmission range, and an HD video feed. But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here.

DJI FPV Mini or DJI Avata expected in July?

Earlier this year, DealsDrone shared the following 2022 roadmap for DJI, indicating that we might see a DJI FPV Mini drone in July of this year.

Is The Dji Avata The Yet-To-Be-Released Dji Fpv Mini?

DealsDrone said in a tweet that the rumor is that the DJI FPV Mini might be called the DJI Avata.

DJI Avata. What’s in a name?

DJI has made many name changes in the last few years in an effort to simplify its products’ names. For instance, OcuSync 3.0 became O3, and the DJI Mavic Mini was followed by the , dropping the Mavic moniker. Whether these name changes are an improvement or just create confusion is up for debate.

DJI launched the DJI FPV drone in March of 2021, and there have long been rumors that the drone maker would introduce a smaller version. The name DJI FPV Mini would seem to make a lot of sense if the company were to introduce such a drone.

Everybody would know exactly what to expect if DJI would introduce a DJI FPV Mini. Less so if DJI launched a new flying product with the name DJI Avata.

For now, we will assume that the yet-to-be-introduced DJI FPV Mini will indeed be called the DJI Avata. In the meantime, we will keep our eyes and ears open to see if we can find some additional information on this.

Let us know what you think about these in the comments below.

Is The Dji Avata The Yet-To-Be-Released Dji Fpv Mini? 1

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