DJI Avata quadcopter shows up in first leaked photos today

Today, we see the DJI Avata quadcopter showing up in the first two leaked photos. The yet-to-be-launched Avata would be the Chinese drone maker’s first Cinewhoop drone.

The photos were shared on Twitter by OsitaLV, who btw, also drew up the first sketches of this DJI drone back in 2020.

We are not quite sure why DJI waited so long to bring out a cinewhoop style drone, as they are massively popular.

Over the years, we have seen a number of amazing drone videos that were all shot with a cinewhoop drone. Remember that bowling alley?

Dji Avata Quadcopter Shows Up In First Leaked Photos Today

About the DJI Avata leaked photos

As we can see in the photos, the is a cinewhoop-style drone with ducted, three-inch propellers with five steeply pitched blades.

The battery of the DJI Avata seems very similar in design to the battery of the DJI FPV. It seems to be a 4s, but some folks on social media have speculated that it might actually be a 6s… Let us know what you think in the comments below.

I would expect the photo and video quality that comes out of this drone to be on par with the Pro.

The DJI Avata has what seems to be a single-axis gimbal that allows the camera to tilt up and down. It seems that we will have to rely on digital image stabilization for smooth video footage. DJI has plently experience in this fiels so that should not be a problem.

At the bottom of the drone, we can see obstacle avoidance sensors and vision sensors to help with precision landing the cinewhoop.

It is interesting to point out that the body of the DJI Avata covers part of the ducts and props. Not sure if that would have any impact on the drone flying ability. Probably minimal.

The DJI Avata will almost certainly not have GPS sensors. We wonder if the drone will have any settings that will help the newie FPV drone pilot learning how to fly one of these cinewhoops.

The DJI Avata in the photos is covered in labels and seems to have been extensively used. I suspect that this may be an early prototype or pre-production model. The final product could still be quite different from the drone shown here.

The leaked photos of the DJI Avata have been shared on Twitter by both OsitaLV and DealsDrone which should be a good indication that these photos are legit.

Let us know what you of these leaked dji avata photos. Is this a dji drone you can get excited about? Let us know in the comments below.

Dji Avata Quadcopter Shows Up In First Leaked Photos Today
Dji Avata Quadcopter Shows Up In First Leaked Photos Today 1

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