DJI Mavic 3 firmware update dramatically improves telephoto camera and GPS connectivity

The 162mm telephoto camera has become a lot more usable thanks to a major DJI Mavic 3 firmware update made available by the world’s largest drone maker. It is now possible to take photos in the RAW format, choose different frame rates while filming, and adjust the exposure settings manually. But it doesn’t stop there: a persistent GPS problem also seems to have finally been solved, among many other improvements.

More camera settings with DJI Mavic 3 firmware update

When released the Mavic 3, many reviewers and potential buyers reacted rather disappointedly. The drone’s software was far from being fully developed, and many important features were missing. Although that was solved a few months later by means of a first major , the telephoto camera with a 162 mm lens was still not really useful for many media makers due to the lack of adjustment options.

That has changed with the firmware update version v01.0.0700 that DJI has made available. Not only is it now possible to save photos you take with the telephoto camera in the RAW format, but you can also choose from different shooting modes such as single shot, AEB, burst, and interval. You can also manually set the ISO and shutter speed in Pro mode. When recording video, you can now choose 1080p or 4K at 25/30/50 fps.

In addition to the telephoto camera, the Hasselblad camera has also received an update. It is now possible to film in hybrid log gamma (HLG), for extra dynamic range. The digital zoom range has been increased to 3x, and when recording MasterShots and QuickShots you can also choose D-log and HLG. Slow motion fans will get 1080p/200fps at their disposal. The top model, Mavic 3 Cine, has received support for ProRes 422 and ProRes 422 LT.

Dji Mavic 3 Firmware Update Improves Telephoto Camera And Gps Connectivity
The Mavic 3’s telephoto camera has become a lot more usable thanks to the new firmware.

GPS connectivity improved with DJI Mavic 3 firmware update

In addition to the two-camera improvements, it also appears that DJI has resolved the GPS issue that many users have complained about. Depending on the circumstances, it could sometimes take minutes for the Mavic 3 to get a GPS fix. That problem should have been fixed with a previous update, but the bug turned out to be more persistent than expected. Although DJI doesn’t mention it in the release notes of the new firmware, it seems that this problem has finally been solved: several users report a faster GPS fix after installing the new firmware.

Finally, DJI has tackled a number of other issues. For example, when using APAS, it is now possible to choose the “Nifty” option, which ensures that the drone can fly closer to obstacles. Furthermore, the stability of the drone during hyperlapse shooting is said to have been improved, and all advanced flight modes can now be selected when using the optional wide-angle lens.

Full overview of the DJI Mavic 3 firmware update

Below you can see the full overview of all the improvements that the DJI Mavic 3 firmware update of May 2022 brings. Please note that you may also need to update your controller, and you must have DJI Fly version 1.6.4 to take advantage of the new features.

  • Added switch to the tele camera in photo mode, includes single shot, AEB, burst and timed shot, supports JPEG, RAW, JPEG+RAW photo format, and ISO and shutter speed settings.
  • Added switch to the tele camera in video mode, supports 4K@25/30/50fps, 1080p@25/30/50fps format, and ISO and shutter speed settings.
  • Added HLG for the Hasselblad camera.
  • Added 1080p/200fps to Slow Motion when using the Hasselblad camera.
  • Added HLG and D-Log to shoot MasterShots and QuickShots (not including Asteroid).
  • Digital zoom reaches up to 3x in normal video mode when using the Hasselblad camera.
  • Added support to FocusTrack, QuickShots (not including Asteroid), MasterShots, and Hyperlapse for the aircraft when the Wide-Angle Lens is mounted.
  • Added ProRes 422 and ProRes 422 LT format to the Hasselblad camera of Mavic 3 Cine.
  • Added one-second option to interval time setting when using Hyperlapse on Mavic 3 Cine.
  • Added DJI Mavic 3 D-Log to Rec.709 vivid LUT, providing a more vivid colour effect. Download the LUT via
  • Added Nifty option for Bypassing when using APAS 5.0. Refer to the Mavic 3 User Manual v1.6 for details.
  • Added Reset All Settings and Clear All Data options. Refer to the Mavic 3 User Manual v1.6 for details.
  • Added support for Japanese RID requirements.
  • Increased Home Point refresh rate.
  • Optimised the focus performance when recording with the tele camera.
  • Optimised the stability of the aircraft when shooting a Hyperlapse.
  • Fixed issue: unable to use Hyperlapse when flying near a Flight Altitude Limit Zone
  • DJI RC Pro also received an update, with more custom functions being available for buttons and dials along with a few minor bugs being squashed.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about the latest DJI Mavic 3 firmware update. Is DJI’s flagship drone finally ready for prime time?

Dji Mavic 3 Firmware Update Dramatically Improves Telephoto Camera And Gps Connectivity 1

This article first appeared on Dronewatch and is written by Wiebe de Jager who is also a DroneXL contributor.

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