DroneSense Develops NDAA-Compliant Device for Drones, including DJI Drones

DroneSense, a leading software platform for drones in public safety, has announced its plans to develop and produce a secure, drone-agnostic device compliant with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This device aims to extend operational and geographic capabilities while enhancing information security measures for public safety drone operations.

The proposed onboard device will supplement DroneSense's existing range of software, hardware, and professional services specifically designed for public safety drone operations.

DroneSense develops device that would make DJI Drones NDAA compliant

The solution, functioning as an add-on to popular public safety drones, will operate like a backpack computer, serving as the drone's brain. Utilizing First Responder traffic prioritization or FirstNet radio frequency and 4G/5G data connectivity, it will enable remote command and control of aircraft while bypassing the existing radio frequency link used for ground-based drone operation.

Moreover, the device will provide secure real-time live streaming and end-to-end 256-bit data encryption, ensuring the security of public safety information.

Christopher Eyhorn, CEO of DroneSense, remarked, “We've seen drone operations bring immediate value to public safety, directly saving lives.” He added that the company's goal is to equip public safety agencies with the best tools possible to help them do their jobs while ensuring the safety and data integrity of their missions. “This device is the next step in advancing to increase security and overall greater utilization of drone operations globally.”

The solution is particularly beneficial for beyond visual line of sight () flights, as it leverages existing 4G/5G networks over proprietary RF protocols used by ground controllers.

Additionally, it places extra intelligence onboard the aircraft to enable altitude limits, no-fly zones, and emergency landing sites, even if the drone loses connection. This feature will prove valuable in regions with maximum radio frequency power limitations that restrict the range of existing drone controllers.

Dronesense Develops Ndaa-Compliant Device For Dji Drones - Dji Core Crypto Engine Secures Data On Dji Drones And Is Now Recognized By Commerce Dept.

Eyhorn emphasized DroneSense's commitment to supporting and improving outcomes for public safety and . He noted that there have been recent concerns regarding the use of drones in public safety, with some legislators proposing blanket bans on drones manufactured in certain due to information security and data sovereignty issues.

“We fully support the need to protect American national security and have designed this product to meet those needs and give agencies maximum choice when selecting the best tools to do their jobs,” he said.

Currently in the concept stage, the product's plans are being fast-tracked, with availability projected for late 2023.

The drone-agnostic solution will be compatible with various drone hardware devices, and there are plans to expand its compatibility to non-drone platforms, including manned aviation and robotics, in the future.

DroneSense's innovative device may be a game changer for public safety agencies' operations in states like , where the use of DJI drones has recently been prohibited by Governor DeSantis.

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