DJI Soars Higher with C2, C3 Certifications for Matrice 30 and 350 RTK

World-renowned drone producer DJI has marked another milestone, acquiring certifications for its Matrice 30 and 350 RTK series drones. The certifications, C2 for the M30/M30T and C3 for the M350 RTK, delineate new possibilities for drone operators within the Open category.

The European Union, under its delegated regulation 2019/945, has reportedly honored the DJI M30 series with a C2 certification. This permit allows drones to function in the Open A2 subcategory, encompassing operations in zones where keeping a safe distance from uninvolved bystanders is impracticable.

As part of the C2 criteria, operators must have specific training in the A2 subcategory and must employ tools such as active geofencing, remote identification, and a slow-fly setting.

Furthermore, the M350 RTK drone now boasts a C3 certification. Such a category enables drone flight in areas with no expected presence of bystanders, such as secluded rural areas or regulated industrial zones, falling under the Open subcategory A3. Essential components of this certification include the application of geofencing and remote identification.

Prior to these accomplishments, DJI had already secured a C1 certification for its series drones. These drones can operate in the A1 subcategory of the Open category, where the presence of uninvolved persons is possible, like in cityscapes. The heavier Mavic 3 Pro has been given a C2 label, acknowledging its slightly larger size.

These varied certifications give DJI an expanded reach across all Open category subcategories, increasing operators' options for diverse business applications.

The value of a Cx label (C1, C2, and C3) for drones is undeniably pivotal. It furnishes operators with the knowledge of permissible operations within the Open category, ensuring they can navigate safely and in line with regulations.

DJI's attainment of these certifications reaffirms its leading role in introducing European safety measures for drones, proving once again that it's at the forefront of .

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