FAA Symposium/AAM Summit, Pyka Pelican Spray, China Drone Export Restrictions

Welcome to your Weekly UAS Update. We have three stories for you this week. The first one is from the FAA Symposium and the currently taking place. Next, we discuss the Pica Pelican spray that has received FAA approval. Lastly, we delve into 's recent decision to impose export restrictions on certain drone products. Let's dive in.

FAA Symposium

The first story this week provides updates from the FAA Symposium and the AAM Summit. Our good friend, Vic Moss from the Drone Service Provider Alliance, has been sharing insights from the summit.

Here are some key takeaways: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is keen on collecting data from pilots regarding , but there isn't a clear plan on how to gather this data. Moreover, the FAA isn't certain about the specific type of data they require. The FAA has acknowledged a shortage of modules, hinting at possible announcements before the deadlines. They also clarified that just because a cell phone app doesn't pick up the Remote ID message doesn't mean the operator is non-compliant. We often receive queries about the efficiency of different modules. Currently, we're testing these and will be sharing a video update soon. For more insights from the symposium, keep an eye on the DSPA.org where Vic will be posting regular updates.

Pica Pelican Crash

Our second story revolves around a large drone, weighing 1320 pounds. While we previously reported on a Pica Pelican crash in , Pica has now introduced a new aircraft named the Pelican Spray. This crop-dusting drone boasts a 700-pound payload capacity, 30-minute operational endurance (including a 10-minute reserve), and can cruise between 60 and 70 knots. Requiring a runway of 650 feet, it's powered by an 18-kilowatt-hour battery and has four electric motors with fixed-pitch propeller. The Pelican Spray spans 20 feet in length and 30 feet in wingspan, comparable to our Diamond DA40 used for travel and training.

China drone export restrictions

Lastly, China has begun imposing export restrictions on specific drone components. Currently, companies like DJI remain unaffected. These restrictions encompass military-use items such as lasers, communication equipment, drone engines, and anti-UAV systems.

DJI responded by stating, “We have never designed or manufactured products or equipment for military use.”

This statement might spark debates, especially considering the drone usage in current conflicts like . We'll keep monitoring this situation and provide updates on any developments that might affect commercial or consumer drones in the US.


Before wrapping up, a quick personal note: After returning from Oshkosh, our team wanted to express gratitude to all who visited us, shared stories, and engaged with our exhibits. The feedback and warmth we received were truly overwhelming. A common sentiment we heard was, “You don't know me, but I know you really well.” Engaging with our community at such events is always heartening.

That's all for this week. As always, like, subscribe, and we'll see you next week.

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