Remote ID Delayed, DJI Mini 4 Pro Leak, Drone Pilot Arrested

Welcome to your weekly UAS News update. This week, we are broadcasting live from Las Vegas. We have three main stories to share: information about , updates on the Pro, and a peculiar incident involving a drone. Let's dive in.

Remote ID Delay

The first significant update this week comes from the trade show we're attending: the in Vegas. On the first day of the show, we received information from the FAA stating they might delay the enforcement of Remote ID compliance. While we don't have all the details yet, it seems even the FAA is still working out the specifics. As mentioned in a previous video, we're hopeful that compliance will be delayed until March 2024. However, it might be sooner than that. We'll keep our fingers crossed and wait for more details.


DJI Mini 4 Pro Leak

Our next story revolves around the Mini 4 Pro recently appearing in an FCC filing. Such sightings usually indicate an imminent product release. DJI is present at the Expo, but we haven't managed to extract any concrete information about the Mini 4 Pro from them. While there isn't much information or leaks online yet, past patterns suggest that an influx of leaks usually precedes a product release. We're anticipating that the O4 system might be featured in it, though we're uncertain about the sensor size at this point.

Drone Pilot Arrested

Lastly, and perhaps most bizarrely, a man in was arrested for using his drone to drop green dye into a swimming pool. This dye is typically used in maritime rescues. Initial reports suggested he was a pool cleaner attempting a peculiar marketing strategy, but further research revealed he's actually an HVAC contractor. The motive remains unclear—whether it was a prank, an act of revenge, or simply mischief. That wraps up our “bizarre drone ” segment for the week.

Thank you for tuning in. We'll return to our regular format next week. See you then!

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