DJI Agras T60: Elevating Precision Agriculture to New Heights

A New Chapter in Agricultural Drones

As the agricultural sector eagerly anticipates the launch of the T60 in on November 23rd at 6 p.m. Bejing time, expectations are high. This new drone is set to build on the impressive foundation laid by its predecessor, the DJI Agras T40, known for its advanced precision agriculture capabilities.

The rumor about the upcoming launch of the DJI Agras T60 was shared online by Igor Bogdanov from Quadro_News. The DJI announcement shows a large silhouette of a drone against a dramatic, misty background with a light shining from behind, highlighting its spray nozzles and lights in action.

The DJI logo is visible, indicating the drone is from the Chinese manufacturer DJI. The Chinese text in the image translates to English as “More harvest, less work.” It indicates a slogan or a benefit of the DJI Agras T60 drone being advertised, which, in this context, suggests that the drone is designed to increase agricultural yield while reducing labor efforts.

Update 11/25: NGDrone just shared the following photos of the DJI Argas T60 agricultural drone.

The Evolution from T40 to DJI Agras T60

The DJI Agras T40, with its 40-liter liquid spray load capacity and 50 kg spread load, has already revolutionized agricultural . Its coaxial twin-rotor design, dual-atomized spraying system, and integrated for surveying and mapping made it a versatile tool in the field.

However, the upcoming DJI Agras T60 is expected to surpass these specifications, likely featuring a 60-liter liquid capacity, suggesting a substantial increase in efficiency and coverage area per flight.

During 2022, the DJI Argas T40 was on display. This agricultural drone is impressive in size as you can see in the photos. We can only imagine what the DJI Airgas T60 will be like.

Potential Enhancements in the T60

Building upon the T40's robust and foldable design, the T60 might offer even more portability while handling a larger payload. This increase in capacity could mean fewer refills and more ground covered in a single flight, significantly reducing the time and labor involved in agricultural operations.

The T60 is anticipated to integrate enhanced mapping, spraying, and spreading functions, possibly offering improved camera and imaging technology for more precise and detailed farm and orchard inspections. With the likelihood of more advanced obstacle detection and automated flight route planning, the T60 could offer even greater precision and safety in varied and challenging terrains.

Expected Reliability and Cloud Integration

Following the T40's path, the DJI Agras T60 is expected to be rigorously tested for reliability in harsh agricultural environments. It might also feature improved corrosion prevention, temperature resistance, and durability. Additionally, the integration with DJI's Agras Intelligent Cloud could be enhanced, facilitating more precise variable spraying and spreading operations based on detailed prescription maps.

A Game-Changer for the Agriculture Industry

The launch of the DJI Agras T60 promises to be a game-changer in precision agriculture, potentially offering greater capacity, efficiency, and versatility than ever before.

As the agricultural sector continues to embrace technology for sustainable and efficient farming, drones like the T60 are set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of agriculture.

Stay tuned for the official launch to witness how the DJI Agras T60 sets new standards in agricultural drone technology.

During DJI Airworks 2022, the DJI Argas T40 was on display. This agricultural drone is impressive in size as you can see in the photos. We can only imagine what the DJI Airgas T60 will be like.
During DJI Airworks 2022, the DJI Argas T40 was on display. This agricultural drone is impressive in size as you can see in the photos. We can only imagine what the DJI Airgas T60 will be like.

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