DJI’s Incremental Upgrade: Bigger Storage for Action 2 Cameras

DJI Introduces 128GB Storage Options for Action 2 Camera Enthusiasts

DJI has recently updated its lineup of Action 2 cameras with two new bundles, the DJI Action 2 Dual-Screen Combo and the DJI Action 2 Power Combo, both featuring an increased internal storage capacity of 128GB. This update is primarily aimed at extending the storage capabilities of these cameras, providing users with more space to store their videos and photos without needing frequent transfers.

Enhanced Storage Meets Existing Technology

The DJI Action 2 camera is known for its magnetic design, which facilitates the easy swapping of accessories, 4K/120fps video capability, a 155° wide-angle lens, and HorizonSteady stabilization. It is designed to be robust, with drop-proof, dustproof, and waterproof features up to 10 meters. While the camera offers creative features like Timelapse, Slow Motion, and Digital Zoom, and integrates with the DJI Mimo app for editing and sharing, this latest update focuses solely on expanding storage.

Comparing the Market: A Necessary Step?

Positioning itself against competitors such as the GoPro Hero 10 and cameras, the DJI Action 2's latest upgrade seems more like a necessity to stay relevant in a highly competitive market. The increase to 128GB internal storage is a significant jump from the previous 32GB limit, potentially reducing the need for external memory cards. However, it's an update that may be seen as catching up to user demands rather than leading with innovation.

Dji's Incremental Upgrade: Bigger Storage For Action 2 Cameras 2

Modular Design Continues to Impress

The modular aspect of the Action 2 camera remains one of its most appealing features. The ability to attach various accessories, like the Front Touchscreen Module for an OLED touchscreen and extended battery life, or the Power Module for even longer recording times, continues to offer versatility. Yet, these functionalities were already part of the Action 2's original appeal, with the new storage options simply enhancing the camera's usability.

What Do the New Bundles Offer?

The Action 2 Dual-Screen Combo and the Action 2 Power Combo aim to address specific user needs with the increased storage capacity. The Dual-Screen Combo is geared toward users looking for flexibility in monitoring their shots, while the Power Combo is designed for those who prioritize battery life and longer recording times. Both packages come with an assortment of magnetic accessories, maintaining the camera's modular and versatile nature.

A Pragmatic Upgrade

DJI's move to upgrade the Action 2 camera bundles with 128GB of internal storage reflects a practical response to the evolving needs of video creators and adventurers. While the increase in storage is a welcome change, it's an incremental upgrade that enhances the existing functionalities of the Action 2 camera rather than introducing new innovative features. For those already invested in the DJI ecosystem or in need of more onboard storage, this update offers a solid reason to consider the new Action 2 combos. However, it may not be enough to sway users looking for groundbreaking advancements in action camera technology.

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