DJI Avata 2: A Closer Look With New Leaked Photo

A Closer Look Reveals DJI Avata 2 Upgrades

In a surprising reveal this morning, Igor Bogdanov of Quadro_News shared a new glimpse of the DJI Avata 2 on X, sparking excitement and curiosity in the drone community. The leaked photo, bearing a striking resemblance to earlier images, now includes a detailed background, offering a deeper dive into what the 2 brings to the table.


Evolution of the DJI Avata 2 Design

At first glance, the DJI Avata 2 retains the hallmark aesthetics of its predecessor, yet upon closer inspection, several refinements become evident. The drone maintains its cinewhoop design, featuring enclosed propellers that not only enhance safety for indoor flight but also bolster durability against unintended encounters, such as an accidental tree bump.

Prominently, the DJI logo adorns the top of the drone, while the rear proudly displays “AVATA 2” in capital letters, signifying its place as the next generation in the Avata lineup.

Streamlined Aesthetics and Functionality

The Avata 2 showcases a more streamlined frame, with the battery integration receiving a significant design uplift, contributing to the overall sleek appearance. An easily accessible on/off button and LED indicators for battery status are neatly positioned at the back, aligning with DJI's recent design philosophy that emphasizes both aesthetics and user convenience.

Propeller and Camera Enhancements

A notable change is observed in the propellers' shape, hinting at potential improvements in flight performance, efficiency, and noise reduction. The camera, securely ensconced within the drone's framework, bears resemblance to the 3 camera, suggesting that the Avata 2 might deliver superior image and video quality compared to its predecessor.

Speculations and Details

Curiously, the sides of the gimbal protection and the rear of the drone feature round openings, speculated to be screw ports for easy repair and part replacement. Though there's a fleeting hope these could be diminutive obstacle avoidance sensors, practical expectations lean towards maintenance facilitation.

DJI Avata 2 Release Date

While we have no information yet about the release date of the DJI Avata 2, these photos and Quadro_News' statement that we'll see this drone soon, are good indicators that the launch of might be happening in the near future.

We expect that in the coming weeks and days we will see more leaked information about features, specs, products photos, and possibly the listing of the DJI Avata 2 in the FCC database.

We expect the pricing of the DJI Avata 2 to be I. The same ballpark as the outgoing DJI Avata. Most likely DJI will offer various combos.

Engaging the Community

This latest leak has certainly set the drone community abuzz with speculations, hopes, and a keen eye for detail. What are your thoughts on the DJI Avata 2's revealed features? Have you noticed any intriguing details we might have overlooked? Share your insights and join the conversation below.

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  1. If the camera is as good as the mini4 or pocket then for indoor shoots we have a winner. We need to be able to disable gps in normal mode though

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