Drone Cleans Windows Ex-Stapleton Airport Control Tower

A Fresh Perspective from Above

In Denver's Central Park neighborhood, an eye-catching scene unfolds as a large drone, equipped with a dangling hose, soars 164 feet beside the iconic last air traffic control tower of the former Stapleton . This isn't a scene from a sci-fi movie, but the reality of modern innovation meeting historical preservation. Eric Serani, co-owner of FlyteCo Brewing which now occupies the tower, watches in amazement as the drone does what hasn't been done since 1995: wash the tower's windows.

Reimagining Historical Cleanliness

Since its closure, the Stapleton Airport has transformed from empty runways to a bustling mixed-use neighborhood, with the tower itself seeing various occupants before becoming the home of FlyteCo Brewing, reports The Denverite. Serani, having once attempted the precarious task of cleaning the uniquely angled windows by hand, appreciates the safety and efficiency the drone brings to maintaining the tower's historic facade.

The brains behind this operation, Jay and Nicole Hanna of Drone Wash, are pioneering this drone-based cleaning service in Colorado. Coming from a background of drone photography and real estate, Jay Hanna leveraged his entrepreneurial spirit to explore how drones can go beyond capturing stunning visuals to performing practical tasks like window cleaning.

On March 18, 2024, A Drone Wash Unit Is Positioned Beneath The Former Stapleton Airport Tower, The Current Location Of Flyteco Brewing. Captured By Kevin J. Beaty For Denverite.
On March 18, 2024, a Drone Wash unit is positioned beneath the former Stapleton Airport tower, the current location of FlyteCo Brewing. Captured by Kevin J. Beaty for Denverite.

From Hobby to High-Flying Drone Business

The Hannas' journey into the drone cleaning business was sparked by curiosity and a desire to innovate. After discovering the concept in other states and undergoing training with a seasoned drone cleaning company in , they launched Drone Wash. The company has already undertaken projects like the Denver Convention Center, with FlyteCo Brewing being one of their initial and most unique tasks.

Drone Wash's approach combines high-tech drones capable of reaching up to 200 feet with a traditional pressure washing system, allowing them to clean buildings up to 20 stories high. This method promises a streak-free finish thanks to the use of deionized water and signifies a leap towards integrating into everyday maintenance tasks.

A Clean Sweep for the Future

Despite concerns about the impact on traditional window cleaning jobs, Jay Hanna sees Drone Wash as complementing rather than competing with existing services. He compares the efficiency and affordability of drone cleaning to that of a touchless car wash, acknowledging that while drones can cover hard-to-reach areas, there remains a place for the detailed touch only a human can provide.

The advent of drone-assisted window cleaning by Drone Wash in Denver marks a turning point in how we think about maintaining our buildings. It's not just about the novelty; it's about safer, more efficient solutions that could redefine the industry. As we look to the skies for the next wave of technological advancements, perhaps we'll see more drones buzzing around, not just capturing our world from above but actively keeping it clean.

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