TINIEST 4K Drone I’ve Flown – 84 grams! (NewBeeDrone SavageBee HD)

What's up guys, welcome back to another video! I hope you guys are doing great. Today, I have the pleasure to review this brand new Newbee Drone Savage B ultra-lightweight toothpick HD drone, which seems incredible on paper, but is it any good in real life? We'll find out today.

Before we start with the video, you might be hearing some knocking, banging, and all sorts of other types of sounds for which I want to apologize. There seems to be a large construction in the building where my office is situated, and there is literally nothing that I can do. It's been going on for days now, and I want to record this video after all.

There aren't any signs of slowing down or stopping these constructions, so you'll have to deal with that. I really want to apologize if there are any loud sounds coming in the video. I will do my best to muffle them as much as I can, but still, you might be hearing them here and there in the video, for which once again, I apologize.

Newbee Drone Savage B Overview

Now, the drone itself, like I said, the Newbee Drone Savage B. Newbee Drone is back with a bang because this drone is a very ambitious type of drone. It's a toothpick sporting the O3 air unit, and it's pretty much a flying DJI O3 air unit, which is super convenient for such a small drone with such a great camera on board. We have an 84g total weight without the battery, of course, which makes this, I believe, the smallest and the lightest FPV drone that I've ever flown with such an amazing camera on top.

Tiniest 4K Drone I've Flown - 84 Grams! (Newbeedrone Savagebee Hd)

We have a very interesting design on this drone. Pretty much all the components are stacked on top of each other, making this a very compact and tiny drone. But at the same time, we have this kind of “neck area” that holds the O3 camera and protrudes a little bit further away from the main stack.

Then, the camera also sits pretty much on top of the front propellers, which is a very interesting touch because now we not only don't have any props in view, but also, that kind of solidifies this as a great design in my opinion. They have just thought about placement very well, and now nothing really interferes with each other. All the components are kind of working as a nice unit.

Camera and Propellers

The camera and the propellers are the things that stick out the most when you take a look at the drone from the front. Of course, if you hit something, they will be the first things to take that hit, so keep that in mind. This drone, I wouldn't say, is for beginners because unlike any other small toothpick-sized drones, this does not come with any ducts. You're kind of on your own when you hit something.

Tiniest 4K Drone I've Flown - 84 Grams! (Newbeedrone Savagebee Hd)

The props will be damaged, and of course, you need to have a little bit of experience with flying small drones like these, in my opinion, if you want to really enjoy this one without having to always go through spare parts.

There are spare propellers in the kit and also two additional frames. These frames hold the O3 air unit and the camera itself. So if you happen to damage them, you can exchange them. You have two more, in total of three, for this whole kit.

Antennas and Design

We have the antennas on the back which are very small. The traditional air unit has been exchanged for this dual setup that you have on both sides. Keep in mind this setup is great for normal flying, but when you do a little bit more freestyle or when you are flying a little bit faster with this drone, they tend to fall back a little bit like this. If they do, it's easier for the props to kind of cut through them, even though they have some little ridges that hold them sitting up. Have that in mind, just in case.

You already know what the O3 air unit is about. You've seen it many, many times on this channel, so of course, we don't really have to talk about that. But the biggest thing about this drone is just the fact that it holds the O3 air unit without any issues. Like I said, this is an 84g drone, and depending on what type of battery you put on it, it will be about 110-120g, which is still fantastic for a drone like this.

Flying Experience

Let me tell you, I am struggling to find the words to describe how puzzled I was with the amount of speed that this picks up, with the stability that it has, because I was not expecting that. You've seen me try many drones that are a little bit bigger than this, a little bit more powerful than this, so I was a little bit skeptical about how this would fly. I was thinking that it would be, you know, like a little toy, but let me tell you, that was not the case. I was severely impressed.

I'm thinking, why do companies even make those 2.5-inch drones if they're not like this? Because this still uses 2.5-inch propellers. This is still considered a 2.5-inch drone, even though it's a toothpick, but it's still using 2.5-inch propellers. So it has a lot of power, even though it's a 2S toothpick. I was really impressed.

Tiniest 4K Drone I've Flown - 84 Grams! (Newbeedrone Savagebee Hd)

For cruising and for going through tight gaps, this has to be the best one that I've reviewed on this channel. Because all the other ones, yes, they might be a little bit more rigid, they might be a little bit bigger and more powerful, but nothing beats the small form factor of this, combined with the great camera quality of the O3, and also combined with the fact that you just have the speed whenever you want it. You can do some light freestyle here and there. I wouldn't really advise you to, because I don't feel too confident in this one, but still, you can do some small dives, you can do flips and rolls. I don't feel the need to do them with a drone like this.

But for me, the most enjoyable thing about this was flying it in the park where we have people passing, and still, you are flying a 110g drone, which is like a small toy. Kids love it. You can fly it close to people, you can fly through all sorts of different gaps, you can cruise with it, and I was just severely impressed with how this handled everything.

There were some small vibrations here and there, some small jitters from the wind, of course, which can be detrimental for a drone like this, depending on how fast and how strong the winds are. But you probably wouldn't even fly this in stronger winds anyway.

Indoor vs Outdoor Flying

Newbee Drone says that this is not an indoor drone, this is an outdoor drone, and you shouldn't fly it indoors, which is really interesting considering the fact that this is so small. But they don't advise you to fly it indoors because it's so powerful. That just goes to show that this is really made to be flown outside, to be enjoyed by everyone.

I would definitely just enjoy it in situations like these, where I need to fly close to people, where, you know, I don't want to bother them, but I also don't want to risk with damages. I just want to have taken all the precautions I can to fly according to the regulations and also to get the best quality possible from such a small drone.

Because with an O3 air unit, you can slap an ND filter on it, you can lock the manual settings and just get that footage, especially if it's in the flattest color profile, not the normal one. You have a lot of freedom to really customize the look of your footage.

Batteries and Flight Time

These are the batteries which I'm using to fly this Savage B Drone: Hobby Line MiniStar 650mAh batteries. These are 2S and they bring you about 3 to 4 minutes of flight time with each pack. Of course, that can be changed depending on your flying style. Some people can get to about 5 minutes of cruising. If you're cruising a little bit faster or you're doing some freestyle here and there, it will be around 3 to 4 minutes. It really depends on how you plan to fly this drone.

Price and Recommendations

The price is $400 for the bind-and-fly kit of the Savage B, which I think is a fantastic price considering the price of the O3 unit itself. And then you get the whole thing, obviously put together and ready to be flown straight away after you bind it to your controller. I'm personally using ELRS 2.4GHz receiver on this drone, and we have the ELRS antenna here. You have a spot for your battery here on the bottom, and the battery, of course, is with an XT30 connector.

Final Thoughts

So, this is the Savage B by Newbee Drone, a fantastic piece of kit that I highly recommend you check out if you're on the market for a small toothpick-sized 4K drone. This is going to be a great choice. I will link it down in the description if you want to check it out, want to buy it, and also I will link a battery for this drone which you can also buy if you're interested in getting a battery for the drone itself as well.

Keep in mind, these will not be enough if you only get one. I advise you to get at least two to three batteries to at least have some normal flying time out of this drone. And of course, it's up to you on how many you want to stack up on.

But that's everything I have for you today from this video. Thank you so much for watching. Apologies once again for all the banging noises. I hope they stop as soon as possible and they won't be here for my next video. But until then, this is everything I have for you.

This is Mike from . Take care, and I'll catch you in the next one. Ciao!

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