Elevate Your DJI Drone Cinematography: 15 Pro Moves to Master with Spotlight Mode

Drones have revolutionized the way we capture aerial footage, offering endless creative possibilities for filmmakers and photographers alike. However, achieving those smooth, professional-looking shots can be challenging, especially for beginners.

In this video, drone expert Jeven Dovey shares 15 essential drone moves that, when combined with the powerful mode, will help you elevate your DJI to new heights. Master these techniques, and you'll be able to create stunning, cinematic footage that will leave your audience in awe.

You can use these moves with any modern DJI Drone such as the DJI Mavic 3, Air 3, of Pro or Mini 4 Pro.

Capturing stunning cinematic footage with your drone is easy when you use spotlight mode and know the right moves. Here are 15 drone moves using spotlight mode that will help you fly like a pro and get incredible shots every time.

Elevate Your Dji Drone Cinematography: 15 Pro Moves To Master With Spotlight Mode

1. Spotlight Orbit

Lock onto your subject in spotlight mode. Pull left or right on the right joystick to orbit around the subject. Control the speed by changing flight modes or adjusting how much you pull on the joystick. Fly further away for a wider orbit, showing more of the surrounding landscape.

2. Spotlight Rising Orbit

Combine an orbit with a rising altitude. Pull left/right on the right joystick while pulling up on the left joystick. This creates an upward spiral around your subject, rising to reveal the broader landscape below.

3. Descending Spotlight Orbit

The opposite of the rising orbit. Orbit while descending by pulling left/right on the right joystick and down on the left joystick. Drop altitude to change the angle of your subject and landscape.

4. Spotlight Drop

Start high above your subject in a top-down view. Pull down on the left joystick to quickly descend, keeping the subject centered as the gimbal tilts up to reveal the background. Drop below eye level for a dramatic upward angle.

5. Spotlight Rise

Begin just above the ground, seeing minimal landscape. Pull up on the left joystick to ascend. The gimbal automatically tilts down to keep the subject centered, revealing more and more of the surrounding scene as you rise. End on a top-down view.

6. Spotlight Fly Away

Point the drone straight down at your subject. Pull back on the right joystick to fly away. The gimbal tilts up to keep the subject centered, opening up to a sweeping landscape view even after losing visual tracking.

7. Spotlight Approach

Start with a wide establishing shot, higher than your subject. Push forward on the right joystick to fly toward the subject as the gimbal tilts down. Move in close for a top-down shot focused tightly on the subject.

8. Spotlight Swing Away

Do an orbit while simultaneously flying away from the subject, staying at the same altitude. Push left/right and backward on the right joystick. Creates an expanding spiral with a 360° view of the scene.

9. Spotlight Spiral In

Begin with a distant landscape shot at eye level, the subject barely visible. Push forward and left/right on the right joystick to fly in a descending spiral focused on the subject. Shift perspective from one side of the subject to the other.

10. Spotlight Helix Up

Orbit your subject while rising in altitude and flying away. Push backward and left/right on the right joystick while pushing up on the left. Creates a dramatic corkscrew, revealing the full 360° environment.

11. Helix Spiral Down

Start high and wide. Push forward and left/right on the right joystick while descending with the left to spiral down and in toward your subject in a tightening 360° view.

12. Spotlight Fly Over

Fly in a straight line up and over your subject. Push forward on the right joystick, then smoothly arc the joystick backward as you pivot up and over the subject, finishing with a rear view. Tricky, but the gimbal keeps the subject locked.

13. Spotlight Flyby

Fly straight at your subject at eye level. Push forward on the right joystick. Near the subject, arc left/right to swing around them in a tight orbit, then push backward to fly away in the opposite direction.

14. Spotlight Fly In while Descending

Start wide and high. Push forward on the right joystick while pulling down on the left. Fly toward your subject while automatically descending and adjusting the gimbal.

15. Spotlight Raise Up and Fly Away

Begin close to your subject. Pull backward on the right joystick while pushing up on the left. Flies up and away like an airplane, dramatically revealing the expansive landscape while keeping the subject centered.

Elevate Your Dji Drone Cinematography: 15 Pro Moves To Master With Spotlight Mode

15 Pro Moves to Use with Your DJI Drone

With these 15 moves in your toolkit, you'll be able to capture creative, dynamic drone footage like a pro. Combine them in different ways for even more unique shots. Just remember to always use spotlight mode so you can focus on flying while the drone keeps your subject perfectly framed.

Download Jeven's drone move cards here for free.

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