DJI Unveils Dock 2: Next Generation of Automated Drone Ops

In a significant development for the , DJI, the global leader in civil drones and creative camera technology, has launched DJI Dock 2 worldwide. This innovative “drone in a box” solution, featuring the purpose-built /3TD drone, promises to revolutionize automated aerial missions for surveying, inspections, asset management, and security.

Lightweight, Cost-Effective, and Easy to Deploy

2 stands out for its compact and lightweight design, weighing just 75 pounds (34kg) and measuring 22.4 inches in length x 22.9 inches in width x 18.3 inches in height (570mm x 583mm x 465mm). This makes it 75% smaller and 68% lighter than its predecessor, allowing for easier installation and more cost-effective deployment.

Dji Unveils Dock 2 The Next Generation Of Automated Drone Operations

The dock also boasts an efficient site evaluation process, using vision sensors to assess the flight path and destination for optimal GNSS signals. This cuts down the site selection time from 5 hours to just 12 minutes or less. Once ready, the drone can take off within a minute after completing propeller inspections and obtaining accurate RTH location information using its dual RTK antennas.

Dji Unveils Dock 2 The Next Generation Of Automated Drone Operations

Reliable Performance in Extreme Conditions

DJI Dock 2 is built to withstand harsh climates and environments, with an IP55 rating for dust and water resistance. It utilizes gauges for rainfall, wind speed, and temperature to detect real-time weather changes, while DJI FlightHub 2 with online weather forecasting enables timely warnings and flight task termination when necessary.

The dock also ensures steady and cost-effective remote operations, allowing operators to control the flight and gimbal angle from anywhere. Internal and external fisheye lenses provide real-time monitoring of conditions within and outside the dock. In case of a power outage, the built-in battery can keep the dock operational for up to 5 hours, giving the drone sufficient time to return and land safely.

Dji Unveils Dock 2 The Next Generation Of Automated Drone Operations

High-Precision Aerial Missions with DJI Matrice 3D/3TD

The all-new DJI Matrice 3D/3TD drone is designed specifically to meet the high-standard operational requirements of DJI Dock 2. Both drones feature integrated RTK antennas, omnidirectional obstacle sensing, and automatic obstacle bypass, enhancing the success rate of each automatic flight task. They offer a 50-minute maximum flight time, a 6-mile operating radius, an IP54 rating for wind and dust, and the ability to recharge for 400 cycles.

Dji Unveils Dock 2 The Next Generation Of Automated Drone Operations

The Matrice 3D is ideal for automatic mapping and surveying missions, equipped with a tele camera and a wide camera with a mechanical shutter, meeting the needs for 1:500 high-precision mapping tasks. The Matrice 3TD, on the other hand, is designed for security and inspection operations, featuring the same tele camera as the Matrice 3D but a different wide camera and an additional infrared camera for depicting both visible light and thermal images.

Dji Unveils Dock 2 The Next Generation Of Automated Drone Operations

An Open Ecosystem for Flexibility and Extensibility

DJI supports an open ecosystem, allowing operators the flexibility to use both DJI and third-party software and payloads. DJI Dock 2 is compatible with DJI TerraAPI for 2D/3D model reconstruction and DJI FlightHub 2 for cloud-based operations. The DJI Matrice 3D/3TD can also accommodate third-party payloads such as loudspeakers, spotlights, or parachutes using the E-Port and E-Port Lite (sold separately).

Dji Unveils Dock 2 The Next Generation Of Automated Drone Operations

As Christina Zhang, Senior Director of Corporate Strategy at DJI, states, “With DJI Dock 2, we're delivering a cost-effective automatic aerial solution to complete these jobs efficiently from a safe distance.”

This new offering from DJI promises to streamline daily operations and improve worker safety across various industries, marking a significant step forward in the evolution of automated .

Dji Unveils Dock 2: Next Generation Of Automated Drone Ops 2

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