DJI’s Trailblazing Trio: Unleashing the Future of Filmmaking and Content Creation

Next-Gen Gear for Cinematic Mastery

DJI, a titan in the realm of civilian drones and avant-garde camera technology, has unveiled a trio of revolutionary products poised to reshape the filmmaking and content creation world. These are the DJI RS 4, DJI RS 4 Pro, and DJI Focus Pro. Each of these offerings is designed to elevate the art of cinematography by providing enhanced functionality, from swift setup and intuitive operation to seamless integration and extended focus control.

Paul Pan, Senior Product Line Manager at DJI, encapsulates the essence of this launch: “This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Ronin Series, and the evolving needs of creators are always at the forefront of our product development.”

DJI's latest innovations not only reflect a decade of feedback from industry professionals but also signify a leap towards optimizing design, stabilization, and gimbal control for filmmakers.

DJI RS 4: A New Era in Stabilization

Dji'S Trailblazing Trio: Unleashing The Future Of Filmmaking And Content Creation

Streamlined Stabilization and Efficiency

The DJI RS 4 redefines stabilization with its lightweight design capable of supporting 3kg (6.6lbs) camera setups, offering extended tilt axis for better balance and creative flexibility. Its 4th-gen stabilization algorithm ensures optimal performance across scenarios, complemented by a high-capacity battery grip for 2.5x longer filming. The stabilizer also improves vertical shooting stability for dynamic shots.

Quick Setup and Professional Features

Featuring second-gen vertical shooting and upgraded axis locks, the DJI RS 4 enhances video creation efficiency. It boasts Teflon™ coating for smooth balancing and a fine-tuning knob for precision, alongside an OLED touchscreen with an automatic lock to prevent unintended changes. Its Bluetooth control, when used with the DJI Focus Pro Motor, allows fast lens adjustments, while the joystick mode switch and customizable trigger enhance shooting flexibility. It also offers features like Motionlapse, Track, and Panorama for creative shooting.

Versatile Accessory Support

The RS 4 supports a broad range of accessories through its RSA port, including the DJI RS Tethered Control Handle and options for customized shooting setups via the DJI RS SDK protocol. It's compatible with the BG70 High-Capacity Battery Grip for extended 29.5-hour shoots and supports power delivery via USB-C. Integrated with the Image Transmitter for live feeds and remote control, the RS 4's ecosystem includes various grips and motors, ensuring comprehensive functionality for individual and small team projects.

DJI RS 4 Pro: The Flagship Stabilizer

Dji'S Trailblazing Trio: Unleashing The Future Of Filmmaking And Content Creation

Advanced Design and Performance

The DJI RS 4 Pro, with its carbon fiber structure, boasts a 4.5kg (10lbs) payload, making it perfect for a range of camera setups. Its smooth operation is ensured by Teflon™ coating and dual rolling bearings, along with enhanced features like second-gen vertical shooting and improved axis locks. The RS 4 Pro's design combines precision with efficiency, featuring an auto-lock OLED touchscreen for ease of use.

Enhanced Stability for Dynamic Filming

With a 20% increase in motor torque and a new Car Mount mode, the RS 4 Pro delivers exceptional tracking and stability, even under challenging conditions. Its advanced stabilization algorithm ensures a perfect balance, providing unparalleled performance for moving shots.

Versatile Cinematography Tool

The RS 4 Pro introduces precise autofocus via the DJI Focus Pro system, offering significant improvements in subject detection and focus accuracy. It supports advanced tracking and control features, including a 20m focusing distance and dual focus & zoom motors for comprehensive lens control. The stabilizer is designed for both solo and team shooting, compatible with remote-control devices for collaborative efforts.

Long-Lasting Battery and Expanded Ecosystem

With the BG70 High-Capacity Battery Grip, the RS 4 Pro achieves up to 29 hours of runtime and supports fast charging. It also powers cameras and accessories directly, enhancing on-set flexibility. Integrated with the DJI Focus Pro system, the RS 4 Pro facilitates an advanced control ecosystem, allowing seamless management of focus, iris, and zoom. Its connectivity options and support for professional configurations make it a versatile tool for various shooting styles and setups.

DJI Focus Pro: Revolutionizing Focus with LiDAR

Dji'S Trailblazing Trio: Unleashing The Future Of Filmmaking And Content Creation

Advanced LiDAR Focusing System

DJI's Focus Pro introduces the first independent LiDAR focus system for cinematographers, offering unparalleled focusing capabilities. The system includes the DJI Focus Pro Grip, featuring a 2.5-hour battery life, auto-calibration for up to 15 lenses, and Bluetooth for easy recording control. Its full-color touchscreen provides direct adjustment of LiDAR and motor settings, ensuring precise focus management. The LiDAR technology extends focus distance to 20 meters and increases coverage with a 70° field of view and 76,800 ranging points. This upgrade significantly enhances edge detection and reduces focus hunting, supporting faster, more reliable autofocus in dynamic shoots. The Focus Pro system's modularity allows for extensive flexibility across various production scales.

Intuitive and Collaborative Control

The Focus Pro system innovates with its AMF mode, blending manual and automatic focus seamlessly and offering immediate feedback for intuitive control. This feature, along with LiDAR waveform focus assistance, provides a new level of precision and understanding of the spatial scene, facilitating exact focus even in complex scenarios.

Enhanced Lens Control

The Magnetic Damping FIZ Hand Unit and Motor redefine lens control with adjustable damping, real-time response, and improved motor speed by 30%, reducing latency to 10ms. This system allows for precise control over focus, iris, and zoom, enhancing teamwork and efficiency on set. The system's compatibility with 15mm rods and Bluetooth connectivity further extends its versatility and ease of use.

Seamless Ecosystem Integration

DJI Focus Pro seamlessly integrates with the DJI PRO ecosystem, enhancing vehicle shoots, creative scenarios, and multi-operator collaborations. It allows for dual-channel control, stabilization, and monitoring, providing a comprehensive solution for professional cinematography. The AMF mode and collaborative lens control capabilities ensure smooth operation and creative freedom across various shooting conditions.

Innovative Features and Extended Ecosystems

DJI's new products boast an array of features designed to enhance the filmmaking process. From the RS 4's efficient quick launch and professional creation capabilities to the RS 4 Pro's robust accessory ecosystem and extended battery runtime, these tools are engineered to meet the diverse needs of creators. The DJI Focus Pro further complements this lineup by offering seamless interconnectivity with other DJI PRO products, enabling all-scenario experiences with efficiency and precision.

Price and Availability

Available for purchase from today, the DJI RS 4, RS 4 Pro, and Focus Pro cater to various budgetary and professional requirements. The RS 4 starts at $549 for the standalone version, while the RS 4 Pro is priced at $869. The DJI Focus Pro Creator Combo is available for $999, with the All-In-One Combo retailing for $1849. These products can be purchased from authorized retailers or directly from DJI's official store.

A Leap Forward for Creatives

DJI's latest launch is not just a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Ronin Series; it's a testament to the company's commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of creators. By integrating feedback from industry professionals into their product development, DJI has set a new standard in efficiency, reliability, and creative freedom. The DJI RS 4, RS 4 Pro, and DJI Focus Pro are more than just tools; they are partners in the creative process, empowering filmmakers and content creators to push the boundaries of what's possible. As the filmmaking landscape continues to evolve, DJI's latest offerings stand ready to redefine the art of cinematic storytelling.

Dji'S Trailblazing Trio: Unleashing The Future Of Filmmaking And Content Creation

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