Romeo Durscher: Six Ways Drones Can Help Fight Covid-19

Romeo Durscher: Six ways drones can help fight COVID-19

We have seen many Countries around the world use drone to help in the fight against COVID-19. Mostly, unmanned aircraft are used to communicate with people to keep a social distance from one another. But, we have also seen drones…

Join Dji'S Webinar On Drone Deployments In Disaster Relief

Join DJI’s webinar on drone deployments in Disaster Relief

Find out from DJI’s public safety experts, Romeo Durscher, DJI’s Senior Director of Public Safety Integration, and Wayne Baker, DJI’s Director of Public Safety Integration, on how drones are currently being utilized throughout the US, and what this could mean…

Aha Delivers Coffee By Drone In Reykjavik, Iceland

Aha delivers coffee by drone in Reykjavik, Iceland

The WSJ had a great article [paywall] about deliveries by drones last week. It covers Wing Aviation, Amazon, DJI, UPS, Flytrex and the lesser-known company, and a subsidiary from Flytrex, Aha that delivers coffee by drone in Iceland. Here are…