Leaked photos DJI Matrice 300 (M300) with underslung propellers

This morning we are surprised by the new leaked photos And video of the DJI Matrice 300 (M300) that clearly show a new design and the rumored ‘underslung propellers'. This new DJI drone is rumored to be launched as soon as May 7th. Let's take a closer look.

Leaked photos DJI Matrice 300 (M300) with underslung propellers

We have known for a while now that DJI was working on bringing a successor to the M200/210 series to the market. In previous articles we shared a number the specs that we expect, as well as the rumored ‘underslung propellers'. The latter seems to have made it to the final production version of this new DJI drone that is aimed at the enterprise customer.

Leaked Photos Dji Matrice 300 (M300)

This leaked photo of the new or M300 clearly shows the ‘underslung propellers‘.

The first thing you will notice when looking at these leaked photos of the DJI Matrice 300 is that the design is very different from its predecessor. The quadcopter features a very high body with an array of sensors to provide 360-degree obstacle avoidance even at night. On the very top of the drone, it seems that there is a LED beacon light installed. @OsitaLV mentions”

By installing the body on the very top, M300 can get Omni-direction obstacle sensing. The infrared sensor on the front and top can see things at night. That's what the enterprise purpose need.

Leaked Photos Dji Matrice 300 (M300)

The large DJI quadcopter is specifically designed for the enterprise customer and comes standard with all the most requested features.

Looking at other parts of the M300, you can see that it has the low-noise, or silent propellers installed. All recently launched DJI drones now come with this new low-noise prop design.

The gimbal design is different as well. You can see that the gimbal uses what seems to be a rubber mounting or shock-absorbing system to provide the most stable and vibration-free video footage.

Taking a look at the legs of the M300, we have been informed that the top of the legs in the back are part of the drones RTK system. You will also notice that the tops of the front legs are different. These tops are part of the M300 antenna system.

The new Cyber Workhorse as DJI likes to call it is a heavy-weight quadcopter, weighing much more than 250 grams, and will, therefore, include DJI's AirSense technology with to warn you of any nearby manned aircraft.

The price of the DJI Matrice 300 is rumored to be 30% higher than its predecessor the M200/210.

DJI Matrice 300 specifications

Here are the specifications of the DJI Matrice 300 as we now know them. The M300 will

  • Come with a DJI-developed dual-camera combining a zoom lens with a high-resolution thermal camera.
  • Offer a flight time of 55 minutes with a dual battery setup
  • Only come in an RTK version
  • Have ‘underslung propellers'
  • Have low-noise or silent props
  • Be about 30% more expensive than the original M200/210
  • 360-degree obstacle avoidance
  • Come with an in-house developed dual camera

The photos were leaked by @OsitaLV on Twitter earlier today

What do you think of the new DJI Matrice 300 drone? Will this be the ultimate drone? Do you think that the higher price of the new DJI quadcopter will be a problem for and fire departments? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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