Swisscom and Dedrone will provide anti-drone technology to Swiss firms

Dedrone, a San Francisco-based airspace security firm, has teamed with Swisscom Broadcast, a European telecommunications operator, to safeguard Swiss businesses from uninvited drones. The purpose is to defend vital infrastructure, airports, and big event venues using Dedrone’s detection, identification, and intervention capabilities.

Swisscom and Dedrone will provide anti-drone technology to Swiss firms

Globally, there is rising worry about uneducated or malicious operators of drones who may represent a security risk when flying near airports, industrial complexes, or event venues. Similarly, in Switzerland. As a result, Swisscom, a telecom provider, has formed a cooperation with Dedrone, a developer of anti-drone technology. The firms intend to collaborate on the development of services to protect people, property, and data from unauthorized drone flights.

The device used by Dedrone can detect, locate, and identify unwanted drones. In certain circumstances, the technology can even provide information regarding the cargo carried by a drone. Users can observe where the unmanned aerial vehicles are coming from and which way they are flying. Unwanted drones can even be grounded and decommissioned.

“Dedrone’s Smart Airspace Security solution provides the foundation for Swisscom Broadcast customers to protect their airspace from unauthorized drones,” said Danny Schmid, project leader for drone security at Swisscom Broadcast. “We have already successfully completed our first joint projects.”

Corporations and governments

Swisscom Broadcast intends to market Dedrone’s technology to corporate customers. Dedrone’s detection, identification, and intervention solutions will initially be utilized to safeguard vital infrastructure, airports, and big event venues. Following that, the technology will be made available to companies in the Swiss pharmaceutical and watch industries.

Simultaneously, the Swisscom and Dedrone security suites will be made available to law enforcement agencies in order to ensure public safety and neutralize the threats that unmanned aerial vehicles can offer.

Installation and configuration

Swisscom will assist customers with the installation and implementation of Dedrone systems, which range from the installation of a base module for detecting drones to complete systems that also provide tracking and anti-UAV neutralizing capabilities. The systems are compatible with both the German and Swiss U-Space platforms.

is the world leader in drone innovation. For that reason, we are proud to partner with Swisscom Broadcast to enable the secure integration of drones into Swiss airspace,” said Dedrone CEO Aaditya Devarakonda. “Together with Swisscom Broadcast, we will deliver smart airspace security to several of the most protected locations in Switzerland.”

Swisscom And Dedrone Will Provide Anti-Drone Technology To Swiss Firms

Swisscom And Dedrone Will Provide Anti-Drone Technology To Swiss Firms 1

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