Wyckoff Police use drones for good with Birthday Drive-By program

This is a really nice story. The Wyckoff Police in , use drones for good with their highly successful Birthday Drive-By program. Based on the number of videos they have shared on Facebook, it seems that they just recently started this program, meanwhile that have over 70 Birthday Drive-By’s more scheduled! As you can imagine the kids really love it!

Basically what the Wyckoff do, is when a child is having a birthday, the police officers come driving into the street with lights and sirens blaring. They then fly out the drone, a Mavic 2 Enterprise, and through the loudspeaker they sing happy birthday for the child. They even try to make the drone dance a bit as it spins and flies back and forth.

Wyckoff Police has 70 more Birthday Drive-By’s scheduled

On Facebook the Wyckoff Police says:

“The Birthday Drive-By program is rapidly moving forward successfully. We have over 70 scheduled at this time. Thanks to all who have scheduled so far and to the officers for making it happen!”

As you can see in the videos below, the kids seem to be very surprised and excited to see the police come out to wish them a happy birthday.

And, of course it is not just the kids who get excited. The parents love it as well as the following comment makes clear:

“Thank you so much for doing this! My two-year-old was awestruck when everyone drove by our house on Wednesday! Thank you for all that you do for our town!”

Apart from this being a smart way to get the public to get used to the police flying drones (I’m not sure if that was their intention), it for sure is a great way to make a child’s birthday just that little bit more special.

Kudos to the Wyckoff Police in Wyckoff, New Jersey! 




Wyckoff Police Use Drones For Good With Birthday Drive-By Program 1

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