FAA updates Part 107 knowledge exam rules for drone pilots

The has closed federal testing centers across the , leaving drone pilots unable to renew their Certificates. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released an update to the knowledge exam testing protocols according to Drone U’s most recent investigative find, allowing drone pilots to complete the exam online.

FAA updates Part 107 knowledge exam rules for drone pilots

As the coronavirus has closed down non-essential businesses, it hasn’t necessarily shut down essential drone pilots acting as media. Even the acknowledges that shutting down drone pilots could have a negative impact on our society.

“The inability of part 107 operators to remain current could have a negative impact on a community’s ability to support the safe inspection of infrastructure, including power lines, fire and rescue, flood responses, law enforcement, and overall public safety.”

While some drone pilots are actively working in the wake of the virus, it is imperative that they keep their Part 107 Certificate valid so that they don’t risk working without insurance coverage.

The question on the minds of many commercial drone pilots has been, how to renew their Part 107 Certificate or Aeronautical Knowledge Recency Test (UGR) if test centers have been shut down? Fortunately, commercial drone pilots now have a way to keep their Part 107 Certificate up to date by completing the online knowledge exam found on the FAA Safety website. So what do you need to do to update your FAA issued Part 107 Certificate? Check out these step-by-step instructions from Vic Moss.

The FAA recently posted this COVID-19 Based update to inform drone pilots on how to handle renewing their certificate.

“Under the extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 outbreak, eligible remote pilots who would normally establish recency of knowledge in accordance with §107.65(a) or (b) may complete online training as an alternative if required to establish recency between April 2020 and June 2020. The remote pilot may complete the FAA-developed initial or recurrent online training courses at www.faasafety.gov one time to establish knowledge recency for six calendar months”

This information will soon be published in the Federal Registry.

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