DJI RC Plus shows up unexpectedly in FCC Filings today

Today, we noticed in the FCC Filings that a new product is on its way. It is called the DJI RC Plus or the DJI Remote Controller Plus. The real question here is with which new DJI drone will the DJI RC Plus be teamed up with?

Currently, the two latest DJI remote controllers are the DJI RC Pro that comes with the DJI Mavic 3 Cine Premium and some of the drones, and the DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller that ships with the , and the DJI Air 2 and Air 2s.

Now we have an for a DJI RC Plus, which seems to be positioned below the DJI RC Pro.

At this point in time, we don’t know if the DJI RC Plus will have a display such as the DJI RC Pro, but we sure hope it will.

Secondly and perhaps more importantly, what new drone with the DJI RC Plus be teamed up with? Will this remote controller ship with the basic models of the ? Or will it ship with a new DJI Mini 3, or DJI Air 3?

We definitely hope that this FCC Filing is an indication of a new DJI drone hitting the market in 2022.

Recently, launched the EVO Nano, Nano+, Lite, and Lite+ drones, which by the way got new features through a today.

So, you could argue that DJI needs to step it up again in the lower-priced drone segment.

DJI RC Plus shows up

In the FCC Filings, we were able to find the following photo and labels.

Dji Rc Plus Shows Up Unexpectedly In Fcc Filings Today
Dji Rc Plus Shows Up Unexpectedly In Fcc Filings Today 1

The only thing that throws us off a little is the design of the new DJI RC Plus that we found in the FCC Filings. As you can see below, it seems to be similar to some of the older remote controllers from the Chinese drone maker.

On the Mavic Pilots forum, Msinger likened it to the remote controller we know from the .

Msinger On The Mavic Forum Pointed Out That The New Dji Rc Plus Looks Similar To The Remote Controller In The Many Agras T40 Videos.
Msinger on the Mavic forum pointed out that the new DJI RC Plus looks similar to the remote controller in the many Agras T40 videos.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Will the DJI RC Plus come with a display? Will it be paired with a new , or Air 3? We’re curious to hear your thoughts.

Dji Rc Plus Shows Up Unexpectedly In Fcc Filings Today 2

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