The Drone Interceptor: cross between racing drone and Spiderman

The Ukrainian-born and raised drone developer, Aleksey Zaitsevsky, has developed a very special anti-drone drone: the Drone Interceptor. This is a counter-drone system that can be used to immobilize unwanted drones using a safety net. What is special is that the system is based on commonly available racing drone parts. Zaitsevsky has since obtained a patent for the safety net system.

Drone catcher

The drone interceptor is intended to capture small drones. Thanks to the relatively low weight, the sophisticated aerodynamics, and the powerful drive, the interceptor can fly towards its target at lightning speed. The target can be identified by means of the built-in camera before the interceptor takes action.

The moment the safety net is activated, the interceptor first throws its propellers by spinning them extremely fast. Then the four corners of the safety net are pulled towards the target by the flying propellers. The propellers of the drone to be captured will become entangled in the kevlar net and will crash to the ground.

Drone Interceptor is based on racing drone parts

The interceptor itself is reusable and comes down in a controlled manner after dropping its propellers and safety net on a parachute. What is unique is that the interceptor consists entirely of commercially available parts for racing drones. The interceptor is launched from a specially developed box.

The prototype of the interceptor must be controlled manually, just like a racing drone. According to the inventor, a patrol car could be equipped with several interceptor boxes, and one pilot could operate the entire installation. A patent has now been applied for the safety net release mechanism.

The Drone Interceptor: Cross Between Racing Drone And Spiderman

Drone Interceptor vs. catcher

The drone interceptor is somewhat reminiscent of the DroneCatcher developed by Delft Dynamics. This is now being extensively tested in a NATO context, as one of the possible counter-UAS solutions. The difference between the drone interceptor and the drone catcher is that the latter system can discharge the drone to be captured in a controlled manner.

The Drone Interceptor: Cross Between Racing Drone And Spiderman
The Drone Interceptor: Cross Between Racing Drone And Spiderman 1

This article first appeared on Dronewatch and is written by Wiebe de Jager who is also a DroneXL contributor.

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