Skyebrowse’s TacBrowse creates 3D models with real-time data for tactical missions

TacBrowse is a new situational awareness technology that has been launched by SkyeBrowse. This tool is meant to give tactical teams real-time intelligence that they can use while they are on tactical missions. SkyeBrowse is the drone reality capture platform that is both the easiest and the fastest to use.

Skyebrowse's TacBrowse in action

“SkyeBrowse has long been useful for quickly and effectively planning tactical operations, but we wanted to take it a step further, and create a tool that can provide real-time data during mission execution,” said SkyeBrowse co-founder and CEO Bobby Ouyang. “TacBrowse gives tactical teams the situational awareness necessary for critical decision-making and officer safety during operations.”

SkyeBrowse's unique technology, which uses videogrammetry to produce 3D models from , serves as the foundation for the new tool, which improves upon that technology.

Within the TacBrowse web tool, incident commanders have the ability to upload a model of the location where the incident took place. Then, every member of the tactical team can sign into the mission using the TacBrowse mobile app, and their GPS coordinates will be plotted into the 3D model in real time.

Skyebrowse's Tacbrowse Creates 3D Models With Real-Time Data For Tactical Missions 1

The 3D model can be viewed on any web browser, allowing incident commanders to keep track of team members as they move around. The ability to annotate the model with notes and measurements, in addition to tracking the location in real time, is available to incident commanders.

Any user who is logged into the session on the web browser has the ability to view the slope map between the two points. They can also virtually position themselves in the model using the perspective tool that is accessible from the profile panel. This provides them with a comprehensive sense of the situation.

With SkyeBrowse, anyone can create a 3D model with the simple push of a button. The software was developed by specifically for use by first responders.

With more than 10,000 documented accidents on their CJIS-compliant servers, the company based in has earned the of numerous government organizations, including the Port , the Houston Forensics Science Center, the City Fire Department, and a great number of others.

For an additional fee of $39 per person each month, SkyeBrowse's premium services can be upgraded to include the brand-new tool. To obtain additional details, please go to

Not too long ago, Greg and I had the pleasure of talking with Jeff Clementi, Head of Business Development from Skyebrowse. You can check out that interview below.

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