Autel Drones: Security Threat or Political Pawn?

Autel Robotics Responds to US Lawmakers' Probe Demand

Autel Robotics, a Chinese drone manufacturer, is at the center of a controversy following demands by a bipartisan group of 11 US House lawmakers for an investigation into its alleged ties with 's People's Liberation Army (PLA).

The lawmakers have raised concerns about Autel drones posing a threat to US national security, potentially exposing sensitive data.

They also allege that Autel might be supporting 's invasion of and aiding China in repressing Uyghurs and other minority groups.

As a result, they seek to impose sanctions and include Autel in various restrictive lists, including the Commerce Entity List, the Chinese Military Companies List, and the Treasury Non-SDN Chinese Military Industrial Complex Companies List.

has issued a statement in response to these allegations, emphasizing its commitment against the use of its drone products for military purposes or any activities that infringe human rights.

The company asserts that its technology is designed solely for civilian use and is not intended for military applications.

Autel Robotics highlights its adherence to all control requirements related to the sale, transfer, export, re-export, and disposal of its products, aiming to earn public and mitigate corporate risks.

Autel Drones: Security Threat Or Political Pawn?
Autel Drones: Security Threat or Political Pawn?

The company conducts rigorous scans and due diligence to ensure compliance and refuses cooperation with any partners violating these standards.

In its statement, that we've included below, Autel Robotics also stresses its dedication to peaceful development and global market responsibilities as a Chinese high-tech enterprise.

The company pledges to adhere to national security concepts and fulfill international obligations.

This controversy highlights the growing tension between the technological advancements of Chinese companies and the strategic concerns of the US.

The debate underscores the complexities of global trade and technology transfer in a politically charged environment.

Autel Robotics' response indicates its awareness of these challenges and its efforts to maintain a responsible and compliant business practice amidst increasing scrutiny.

Autel Robotics' situation mirrors that of DJI, another prominent Chinese drone manufacturer, which has also faced political pressures in the U.S. DJI was added to the 's economic blacklist in 2020, amid concerns over national security and the company's alleged involvement in human rights abuses in China.

This inclusion has significantly affected DJI's operations in the U.S., underscoring the challenges faced by Chinese technology companies in international markets.

The case of DJI exemplifies the broader geopolitical tensions influencing the global tech industry, where national security concerns often intersect with the business interests of leading tech firms.

Autel Robotics statement

Autel Robotics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Autel Robotics”) is a leading provider of digital solutions for the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry. We leverage our advanced autonomous flight platforms and “AI + cloud + big data” technological capabilities to create reliable, intelligent, and collaborative mobile platform digital industry solutions for a variety of applications such as inspections, mapping, and security for our global industry customers.

We at Autel Robotics are firmly against the use of drone products for military purposes or any activities that infringe upon human rights. We strictly adhere to all applicable control requirements related to the sale, transfer, export, re-export, and disposal of hardware, software, and technology. This commitment is not only aimed at earning the trust of our partners and the public but also at mitigating corporate operating risks and fulfilling our corporate responsibility as a member of the international market.

We wish to clarify that any concerns raised in any media about Autel technology being used for illegal purposes are unfounded and speculative. Autel Robotics is solely dedicated to the development and production of civilian drones. Our products are explicitly designed for civilian use and are not intended for military purposes.

Autel Robotics conducts rigorous blacklist scans of customers, freight forwarders, and employees and carries out thorough due diligence on any potential partners. If we find a potential partner is in violation of compliance or bears risk in doing so, we will firmly refuse cooperation.

We extend our deepest sympathies to the ordinary civilians who suffer in times of conflict and fervently hope for a business environment conducive to peaceful development. Autel Robotics hereby pledges and issues this statement that, as a responsible Chinese high-tech enterprise, we will follow the path set by our country, adhere to the overall national security concept, and faithfully fulfill the country's international obligations and commitments.

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