ACSL Launches NDAA-Compliant SOTEN Drone in U.S.: A Game-Changer in Small UAS Market

Revolutionizing Drone Technology

In a significant move that marks its foray into the U.S. drone market, ACSL, Inc, a top Japanese drone manufacturer, has announced the pricing and availability of its latest SOTEN small Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). This announcement follows their market entry in May 2023 and extensive field testing to refine the drone's capabilities. ACSL's SOTEN sets a new standard in the drone market with advanced features and compliance with stringent security and operational standards.

ACSL SOTEN Drone's Enhanced Features and Compliance

The SOTEN drone has been upgraded in response to customer feedback, incorporating reduced video latency, enhanced camera controls, an improved user interface, and compliance with FAA requirements. Future improvements, as part of ACSL's 2024 roadmap, include a better optical/thermal camera, smart controller upgrades, extended flight time, and long-range communications. The drone also boasts cellular network connectivity and an SDK for third-party software integration. These enhancements underscore ACSL's commitment to delivering high-performance, versatile, and secure UAS solutions.

You can download the SOTEN spec sheet here.

Acsl Launches Ndaa-Compliant Soten Drone

Pricing and Availability

The SOTEN is priced under $10,000 USD, an approachable price point for a drone of its caliber. Orders can be placed through ACSL's authorized retailers, and the standard package includes the drone, a 20MP camera, remote controller, smart battery, and essential cables. Additionally, ACSL offers an Inspection Kit, catering specifically to critical infrastructure inspections and disaster relief efforts. This kit includes additional batteries, a hard carrying case, spare propellers, and a triple battery charging system.

Security and Manufacturing Excellence

True to ACSL's reputation, the SOTEN drone adheres to strict security standards. Photo and video data can be encrypted, and communication between the drone and controller is always secure. Manufactured in Japan, the SOTEN epitomizes precision and reliability, crucial for missions involving critical infrastructure.

Acsl Launches Ndaa-Compliant Soten Drone

Market Response and Future Plans

According to Dr. Christopher Raabe, Global CTO of ACSL, the response to SOTEN's capabilities has been overwhelmingly positive. The company remains focused on continuous improvement based on customer feedback. ACSL has also announced a list of authorized dealers, including industry leaders such as Advexure and Blue Skies Drones, ensuring comprehensive customer support and service across the U.S.

Bridging Japan's Technological Expertise with U.S. Market Needs

Cynthia Huang, CEO of ACSL, highlights 's longstanding leadership in technology and ACSL's commitment to extending this legacy into the small UAS and broader robotics industry. With the launch of SOTEN, ACSL is poised to significantly impact the U.S. drone market, blending Japan's renowned manufacturing precision and technological innovation with the evolving needs of the U.S. market. The SOTEN drone, with its advanced features, security measures, and competitive pricing, is set to be a game-changer in the world of small unmanned aerial systems.

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