Revolution in Avalanche Mitigation: Alaska’s Pioneering Drone Technology

In a groundbreaking development, has taken a significant leap forward in avalanche mitigation technology. This winter, the Alaska & Public Facilities (DOT&PF) in collaboration with the Alaska Railroad Corporation (ARCC) and Drone Amplified, a trailblazer in drone-based land management solutions, successfully tested a novel drone-based system for avalanche control.

This initiative not only marks a significant advancement in public safety measures but also showcases the potential for drones to revolutionize how we manage natural disaster risks.

A New Era in Avalanche Mitigation

The core of this pioneering effort is 's Drone Avalanche Reduction Technology (DART), a system designed to trigger controlled avalanches and thus mitigate the risks they pose to transportation infrastructure. This system was deployed to detonate two CIL explosives using an American-made Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), demonstrating the feasibility and efficiency of using drones for avalanche control.

Historically, the State of Alaska has relied on military artillery for avalanche mitigation. However, this method is not only hazardous but also becoming outdated. Timothy Glassett, DOT&PF's Avalanche and Artillery Program Manager, emphasized the shift towards Remote Avalanche Control Systems (RACS) and the crucial role drones play in areas where RACS are not practical or cost-effective. RACS, which are fixed position detonation installations, are becoming the international standard for protecting infrastructure against avalanches.

The development and deployment of DART come with its challenges, primarily due to the stringent Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations concerning the carriage of dangerous weapons. Nevertheless, this project represents a pioneering effort in navigating regulatory landscapes to enhance public safety through technology.

A Collaborative Milestone

The success of this initiative is built on a foundation of prior technological advancements and collaborations. Previous demonstrations, including efforts by Mountain Drones in 2013, laid the groundwork by showing the potential of using drones to drop explosive rounds for avalanche control. The recent tests in Alaska build upon these developments, showcasing significant progress in operationalizing for public safety.

Recognizing the importance of sharing knowledge and fostering innovation, the Alaska DOT&PF has committed to sharing all FAA waiver and approval documentation required for such operations. This move aims to provide a blueprint for other states interested in adopting drone technology for avalanche mitigation, potentially leading to a wider implementation of these systems across the country.

Towards a Safer Future

The collaboration between the Alaska DOT&PF, ARCC, and Drone Amplified represents a significant step forward in reducing avalanche risks and enhancing the safety of public highways and rail operations. With over 140 years of experience, CIL Explosives played a crucial role by providing the necessary tools for these controlled avalanches. This initiative not only underscores Alaska's commitment to public safety and innovation but also sets a precedent for the integration of technology in natural disaster management.

As we move forward, the successful implementation of drone-based avalanche mitigation systems heralds a new era in public safety and land management. By embracing technology and collaboration, Alaska is leading the way in developing safer, more efficient methods to mitigate natural disaster risks, keeping both its infrastructure and its citizens safe.

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