RocketDNA Revolutionizes Mining with Autonomous Drone Solution

Calidus Resources Signs Three-Year Contract for xBot® Drone-in-a-Box System

In a significant step forward for the mining industry, RocketDNA, a global drones-as-a-service provider, has secured its first long-term contract for its autonomous xBot® solution with Calidus Resources Limited (Calidus), a Western -based mining company. The agreement comes just six months after RocketDNA received approval from the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to operate autonomous drone products in Australia.

Transforming Traditional Surveying Practices

The implementation of the xBot® solution is set to revolutionize Calidus' traditional surveying practices. The three-year agreement includes the provision of the SurveyBot®, a state-of-the-art drone-in-a-box surveying system equipped with DJI hardware and monitored remotely from RocketDNA's advanced remote operating centers (ROCs) in Perth or Adelaide.

The SurveyBot® system, deployed at Calidus' Blue Bar pit, a satellite open pit operation located 70 km from the Warrawoona Gold Project, will deliver daily surveys, stockpile volume reports, and real-time imagery. This will provide invaluable situational awareness to off-site personnel, reducing the need for extensive daily travel by human surveyors and enabling rapid response to potential emergencies.

Leveraging AI and Data Visualization

The xBot® solution integrates Strayos AI software for streamlined data processing, analysis, and automated stockpile volumetric reporting. Calidus will also have access to RocketDNA's proprietary SiteTube® data visualization platform, ensuring secure hosting and seamless access to critical, real-time data. This combination of AI insights and rapid data processing time will facilitate mine optimization and provide oversight of mining operations to remote senior management.

RocketDNA CEO Christopher Clark expressed excitement about the transformative potential of the agreement, stating, “By leveraging our innovative xBot® technology and advanced AI-driven software, we are empowering mining companies to optimise their processes while minimising risk to personnel.”

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

Calidus Resources Managing Director Dave Reeves emphasized the importance of safety and efficiency as the company commences operations at various satellite pits. “The xBot not only allows daily pickups for survey to be completed efficiently, but the associated video also allows our planning team in Perth to understand exactly how the operations are progressing and allow for rapid reaction if required,” Reeves said.

The xBot® system, assembled in Perth, is approximately the size of two pallets, weighs just 100 kg, and can easily be moved from location to location depending on requirements. The DJI drones have a 7 km range and can be deployed as part of a network to cover large areas. RocketDNA is the first Australian company to secure CASA approval for the cutting-edge System.

As the mining industry continues to embrace innovative technology, the partnership between RocketDNA and Calidus Resources serves as a prime example of how autonomous drone solutions can enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability in the sector.

Photo courtesy of RocketDNA.

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