Specta Air Drone: A Compelling Alternative to DJI’s Air 3

In a recent video review, Jack from Half Chrome takes an in-depth look at the Specta Air drone, a compelling alternative to DJI's popular Air 3 model. With nearly identical hardware and software, the Specta Air offers impressive features and performance at a slightly lower price point.

Dual Camera System Delivers Flexibility and Creativity

One of the standout features of the Specta Air is its dual camera system, which includes a wide-angle 24mm equivalent lens with an f/1.7 aperture and a 70mm equivalent telephoto lens with an f/2.8 aperture. Both cameras share the same 1/1.3″ sensor, ensuring high-quality images and videos in various shooting scenarios.

The drone captures 48-megapixel photos and 4K 60fps HDR videos, with three color profiles available for added flexibility.

According to Jack, “This drone is just so intuitive and easy to use, it kind of makes anybody a pretty solid photographer.”

Specta Air Drone: A Compelling Alternative To Dji's Air 3

Intelligent Flight Modes and Obstacle Avoidance

The Specta Air boasts a range of intelligent flight modes, including Dronie, Rocket, Asteroid, and Master Shots, as well as an intelligent return-to-home feature. Additionally, the drone offers full 360-degree obstacle avoidance, thanks to its six-camera setup.

While the obstacle avoidance may not be quite as advanced as DJI's drones, it still performs well, particularly in normal mode. Jack advises against relying too heavily on obstacle avoidance, as it can lead to trouble in some situations.

Specta Air Drone: A Compelling Alternative To Dji's Air 3

Impressive Flight Time and Range

With a claimed flight time of 46 minutes, the Specta Air can realistically achieve 30-35 minutes of airtime, depending on various factors such as flying conditions and piloting style. The drone also boasts an impressive 20km (12.4 miles) range, utilizing DJI's OcuSync 4.0 transmission system for clear reception and signal strength.

Specta Air Drone: A Compelling Alternative To Dji's Air 3

Nearly Identical to DJI's Air 3

Throughout the review, Jack emphasizes the striking similarities between the Specta Air and DJI's Air 3, stating that they share the same hardware, software, and are likely produced on the same assembly line. While there are minor differences, such as the inability to swap batteries between the two models, many accessories like propellers, ND , and chargers are interchangeable.

Specta Air Drone: A Compelling Alternative To Dji's Air 3

A Compelling Choice for Budget-Conscious Buyers

The Specta Air's main advantage lies in its lower price point. At $1,200, it undercuts the with the same remote by $155. While Cogito may be a relatively new player in the drone market, they are an established company based in Hong Kong, and the Specta Air is not their only offering.

Specta Air Drone: A Compelling Alternative To Dji's Air 3

The upcoming Specta Mini, essentially a rebranded , is also expected to be released at a lower price point.

Although Cogito may not have the same brand recognition as DJI, Jack expresses confidence in the company's products, stating, “If you're watching this video at a later date and Cogito is still going strong, I'd be pretty confident in buying their drone.”

In conclusion, the Specta Air proves to be a compelling alternative to DJI's Air 3, offering nearly identical features and performance at a more affordable price. While some may have reservations about a newer company, the Specta Air's impressive capabilities and positive user experiences make it a strong contender in the consumer drone market.

Specta Air Drone: A Compelling Alternative To Dji's Air 3 1

Photos courtesy of Half Chrome.

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  1. I didn’t understand all of this, it’s clear that it’s a correctly renamed DJI Air 3 drone with the brand stamped on it, correct?

    At the end of things, it’s the Air 3, maybe without the constant updates, I don’t know, but it’s the same drone, it just doesn’t have DJI printed on it.

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