Queen Hornet: Ukraine’s New FPV Bomber Drone Dominating the Battlefield

's latest weapon, the Queen Hornet, is changing the drone warfare game. This new supersized FPV bomber drone, developed by Wild Hornets, is designed to destroy bunkers and heavily fortified positions, enhancing Ukraine's attrition strategy against Russian forces.

Wild Hornets' Latest Innovation

Wild Hornets, a not-for-profit organization, has been supplying Ukraine with combat drones, including small kamikaze quadcopters priced around $500. These drones have been effective in targeting Russian tanks, artillery, and vehicles. Co-founder Dmytro Prodanyuk reportedly noted that their FPV bombers, which drop bombs instead of crashing into targets, typically survive 10-30 missions. , originally for racing, can carry payloads of over 5 pounds, significantly more than consumer drones.

Queen Hornet: Ukraine'S New Fpv Bomber Drone Dominating The Battlefield 2

The Queen Hornet's Power

The Queen Hornet stands out with its 17-inch frame and powerful motors, allowing it to carry a 15-pound payload. This capability enables it to break through standard dugouts' earth and log coverings. Ukraine's elite Bulava drone unit has already successfully deployed the Queen Hornet in combat. At $1,000, it's a cost-effective solution for widespread use.

Tactical Advantages

The Queen Hornet's extended range, up to 20 miles, thanks to its role as an FPV carrier and flying repeater, is crucial. It allows operators to hit targets like Russian artillery and air defense vehicles from a safer distance. This has forced Russian forces to pull back their assets even further from the frontline.

Mass Production and Training

With mass production underway, Wild Hornets is raising funds to ramp up production. Meanwhile, the U.S. Army is conducting combat training exercises with RQ-28A quadcopters, which have a fraction of the Queen Hornet's payload capacity. However, these American drones have faced issues with Russian jamming, a challenge the Queen Hornet seems better equipped to handle.

DroneXL's Take

The Queen Hornet represents a significant advancement in drone warfare. Its ability to carry larger payloads and extend operational ranges gives Ukrainian forces a strategic edge. As evolves, innovations like the Queen Hornet will become essential in modern conflicts, showcasing the power and versatility of FPV bombers.

Photo courtesy of Wild Hornets.

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