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Dji Go 4 App Receives An Update But No New Features -Dji Updates Dji Go And Dji Go 4 App. Possibly In Response To Synacktiv Report?

DJI Go 4 app receives an update but no new features

The DJI Go 4 app received an update yesterday, bringing the app to version 4.3.42. Unsurprisingly, the app does not receive any new features and DJI only mentions that some crashing issues have been addressed and the overall app stability…

U.s. Air Force Bought 57 Dji Drones In September

U.S. Air Force bought 57 DJI drones in September

The U.S. Air Force bought 57 DJI drones in September of this year for training and other purposes. Some lawmakers and other experts warn of the Data Security risks involved, as the Department of Defense continues to use Chinese-made drones.

Dutch Army Shoots Dji Drones From The Skies

Dutch army shoots DJI drones from the skies

During demonstrations in The Netherlands, the Dutch army shoots various DJI drones from the skies with a cutting edge device called the Smart Shooter’s SMASH Fire Control System.

Dji Factory Tour: Production Dji Mavic 2 Shown In Leaked Video

DJI factory tour: production DJI Mavic 2 shown in leaked video

Earlier today, a newly leaked video appeared on Twitter, showing parts of the production of the DJI Mavic 2 drone. A behind-the-scenes, short, DJI factory tour, if you will. Update: DJI spokesperson Xie Tiandi, who promised us ‘huge surprises‘ earlier…